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April 22, 2008


Cultural differences found in pee

(Thanks to DavCat)


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In terms of cardiovascular or heart health, southern China fared the best while Texas did worst.

Lets see, a diet of nothing but rice and vegetables or good old Texas BBQ, Tex-Mex, and beer. Monty, I'll take door #2.

In other breaking news, scientists discover that what goes in your pie-hole comes out your pee-hole. This groundbreaking discovery was offered as an explanation as to why we don't eat rocks.

Which is why we use Carlsberg Elephants instead of Urinal Elephants.

Ah, but which country is best at writing their names in the snow? Now that is worthwhile research.

(think smokey robinson or the beatles...)
i don't like to
but if i have to
i'll make a tinkle
in the lab's loo
wo-oh-oh, if it's for science
i'll try compliance
urea really told on me!

make me a liar
about my diet
sure, if it's deep-fried
i must've tried it!
woh-oh-oh, i can't resist it
you've seen, i p*ssed it
urea really told on me!

i want food
that don't fight back when i chew
but tests told me (please)
just hold off the cheese!

*sits back and lets the boys come up with the pee pee jokes*

Scientists observed collecting samples at Wrigley Field.

What, guys doing stupid things? Never happen!

CJ, thanks for reaffirming my belief that walking into Wrigley Field automatically deducts 60 points from your IQ.

"Honolulu was right in the middle — that's ironic, given how Honolulu is also roughly in the middle geographically between Asia and America," Nicholson said.

Arrrrrrgh! Come on, people! That's not ironic. That is in fact the complete opposite of ironic!

Ooh, donuts!

Is this blog having some kind of theme day I didn't hear about? And if so, is the theme urine, elephants, or clowns?

If there's a connection to Earth Day, I ain't seein' it.

I'm with Bismuth - that chemist outta put a beaker in it - until you get a degree in irony, leave it to the experts and stick to your dang petrie dishes. The nerve!

Scientist also discovered that the snow in the mountains in China had a completely different compostition as opposed to the snow in Colorado.

Alien Wench Lizzy - you mean the yellow snow?

Just remember the three "C"s. Color, content, and clarity. It should also have a winsome bouquet, smooth finish, and little aftertaste.

What? Oh, urine...

Never mind.

Yes, Annie, you are correct! Colorado has more beer drinkers per capita.

The sad part is the government grant used to find this out.

Where do jellyfish factor into all this? Does Australian urine sooth stings better than urine from someone in, say, Kansas given that such a quality would be less necessary there?

I found a Government Grant that needs further study. He might work for the government, but after extensive research, you might not really care if he does or not. Siouxie told me about him.

Oh, and warning on this one.

Indeed a very hands on research, Annie.

If anyone needs me, I'll be in the kitchen with my head inside the fridge.

I think that guy might need a little help. Back in a minute. *Joins Siouxie in fridge*

*Walks by fridge. Looks in surprise. Grabs last beer.*

Since the women seem to have a monopoly on the scantily clad at the moment I just felt the need to help the guys out.

Man, I didn't realise you had a pic of Siouxie, Annie, Med and me.

Doc, we were discussing government Grants. But if you must change the subject to bathing suits, here's a Speedo for you.

What was the line from that Steely Dan song? Silicone sisters or something like that


In Doc's pic, it looks like they're trying to count with their hooves...

Annie, that sheep looked nervous.

the yellow looks good on you Bali

Jug, I like your title for that song much better.
Balli, it isn't hard to track down pictures of the blog gals. There are plenty of them out there besides that one, usually involving a crap cam.
Annie, I have nothing to comment on because I support you in spite of your love for sheep. ;)

Thanks, Jug. I borrowed it from Siouxie.

That would explain why that awful lizard-guy was leering thru Siouxie's fence.

My ears were ringing. Sheesh.

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