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April 23, 2008


(Thanks to sjhaller)


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I can't wait.

Picture book?

Sooo, it will be thin with a yellow cover?

Honestly, it can't be any worse than her book.

It all depends on the ghostwriter, Gollum


Miss Hope Howard is inquiring if the Dave Barry blog is a place where people mostly make fun of things.

She is also a fan of HM/MC or what ever the heck her name is.

Miss Hope, yes.


Did you see these pics!!! Okay so except that it's really PSYCHE!!!

(okay lemmee guess, they don't really go like PSYCHE anymore . . )

Hope, stay in school.

I can't find an exact quote, but I read it was a seven figure deal. So, $100K per page.

Cj. I don't think that'll ever be an issue with Miss Hope. At the moment she is quite upset to have learned that she cannot vote. Her response. "10 more years of this torture?" Watch for her. I think she'll rule the world someday.

Kind of a shame that she can't vote considering how many folks that can, don't.

Hope for the Future!

(Feel free to use that as your campaign slogan, Miss H.)

Cheryl, perhaps, but she can practice, like my kids did.
My 11-year-old woke up this morning and asked me if Hillary won in Pennsylvania. I guess they're following it in school.

Chapter 1
I was born a rich white girl in the south. My father a fine mulleted man had written a song years earlier that most states use to execute people...

Recov 24 -

You reminded me of an interview I read a couple of months ago. Frances Bean Cobain is also 15, and said something akin to, "I don't really focus on the future. When the time comes, I can have any career I want."

The sad thing is, that's true (see Willis, Rumer)

It could be worse: For example, lunatic professional wrestler Mick Foley just published his third autobiography in the past five years.

And it probably will be, since Miley is all of what, fifteen? So there's plenty of room for Hannah Montana sequels...

...And speaking of jailbait: that arrogant gasbag Bill O'Reilly just spent the past hour teasing his viewers with those aforementioned risque Miley Cyrus snapshots. I'm tempted to call the FBI and report him for pushing kiddie pr0n.


some one tell Billy Crystal.....

I have here, an exclusive sample of the memoir:

So, like, ohmygod, it was, like, SO ohmygod, you know? And I, like, remembered it and junk? And, ohmygod, like, it was just SO awesome? Because, like, OH.MY.GOD, right?

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