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April 26, 2008


ESPN is now in its 17th straight hour of coverage of the NFL draft, which is about to actually start, and everyone is very, very excited because instead of 15 minutes between picks, there will be -- prepare to feel a chill go down your spine -- only 10 minutes between picks. Talk about your high-voltage drama! I'm going to take a nap.

Update: For $24.99, you can buy an Official NFL Draft Hat. And this increasingly classic item is still available.

Update: I frankly don't think ESPN has enough people covering this historic event. There are barely six dozen of them.


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The Dolphins got it right. Quality left tackles are a dime a dozens. Too bad the Heat still suck.

Funny, I don't remember adding an "s" to the word "dozen". I blame it on the Jaguar's GM.

Wake me when it's over. The season I mean. What round did Thorpe go in?

Lakers...Lakers!...Lakers!!! Sorry, my need for a strong D Fence got the best of me.

wow, this is unbearably exciting.

Remember Jackie Smith, the long time St. Louis Cardinal player and later Dallas Cowboy. I used to see him at the car auction when I chauffered cars through the auction block. Dan Dierdorf was not there.

I gotta give Dave credit for today. He may be the only man in America who is actually enjoying spending the afternoon with his children. When the wife is on the couch with the laptop screaming at Chris Mortensen you have reached a new level of Nirvana my friend.

Punt. Dave should do a rendition of Backfield In Motion. I have to look up the lyrics to the song? I hope Diana Ross has nothing to do with this. Love child, always second best (singing to myself).

Can Travolta be replaced at quarterback for Miami through the draft? Love child...do dod dah do.

In 1964, I called in to a radio station and won the 45rpm 'Baby Love' by the Supremes. True.

Um..so...did we get Bob Griese??


The Falcons finally have their new franchise quarterback. Not as exciting as Michael Vick, but he's got a good arm and seems to have a good head on his shoulders unlike David "OMG, it's a blitz" Carr.

Woooooooohooooooooooo we're # 1!!!

Are you ready for some football??! Naaa, how bout a nap?

Rick?? so this Long dude is an ambidextrous tackle?

oh and hell yeah we got it right. He's cuuuuute.

Siouxie, he's cute so you'll love him. I'm told he's Long.


What about his tight end??

*sigh* cj says he's coming over to spend the day with me. turns out it's with me and the tv and and the computer and some speakers and the draft. he's such the manly man. *swoons*

crossgirl, you lucky gal you! I hope he brings beer.

hmm how's this actually done?? do they pick names out of a hat...kinda like Harry Potter?

*hair flip*

Oakland: dumb pick on RB McFadden
KC: very smart pick on DT Dorsey

Doc Rick: voodoo doll

This all sounds about as exciting as watching paint dry. At least Siouxie has her priorities right.

Yeppers, Mot. I'm on the edge of my bed with excitement. This is WAY better than that zombie movie I just finished watching, 28 Weeks.

I kind of agree with you on McFadden CJ. A ton of personal issues in a team environment that just reeks of bad news. Had he gone to Dallas as predicted I had some hope for him.

so who did Slytherin the Oakland Raiders pick?

Holy Sh!T, the Jags moved all the way up to 8th; they must have given up at least 3 picks to get that high!!

DE or DT: just watch.

The rumor is they will go after Derrick Harvey.

Siouxie, I love ya but it's a guy day. It's all about the NFL draft and what stupidity our favorite teams will pull off. :) As for the moment at hand CJ's Jags have made a move up the draft board.

Crap, that won't make anything easier down here. Congrats CJ, another good young player on a really talented team.

If Siouxie is on the edge of her bed with excitement because of the draft or zombie flicks, that goes a long way to explaining some of those links she comes up with.

I'll leave you boysies and your foolsball and draft.

*going to drool over George Clooney's tight end*

*opens up the blog bar* Dave's buying!

The Pats made a good pick with Jerod Mayo given their system. Honestly they need to have guys that can rush the passer. Best pick on the board for them at this point.

Did I mention I have a new niece in the world? Eden Faith and she couldn't give a rats arse about football but her daddy does. I'm just holding down the fort for him football-wise.

Insom, Oakland took Darrin McFadden, RB out of Arkansas; great college back, but probably not great enough to go that high. Average size, average speed, not a position of rarity. Therefore, a waste of a 1st Round pick. QBs, DEs, and Cornerbacks are rare; Offensive linemen are rare. I can't see Oakland getting their money's worth out of McFadden for him to be drafted that high.

The Jags just went all-in to move all the way up to #8 and take Derrick Harvey: 6'4", 271# "every-down" Defensive End. That's one of the rarest people in any draft class, a guy that can stop the run and rush the passer. That was a stunning move on their part (trading away so much to be able to move up that high), for a team that is usually so conservative. All-in, Jags are going for a Superbowl run by trying to plug a hole where they have injury issues.

Dang, Jags are done and probably have no more picks left after what they traded away. Glad I have beer. Maybe I'll go re-introduce myself to my girlfriend. Shhh, I'll make her think I just missed her company.

Dave, Dave..wake up. The blood flow to your head has stopped. You look funny. Puffy. And a little flushed. Steady.

*zips in*™

So what's goin on? Have the Chargers had a pick yet?

Is Michael Vick out of prison yet and if so, can he play?

Please keep up the postings so I don't actually have to watch but will be able to have an intelligent conversation with MY CG tomorrow. :)
And FoxTV is showing the Yankee game everywhere but here where they're showing the D'Backs/Padres. Like anyone cares.

Our local paper predicted Oakland would take McFadden. They rated him very highly. I thought it was a good move myself.
cj - take a beer with you when you go. :)

Tribe is up by 2 El. Bottom of the 2nd.

Snork @ insom.

Look! The grass is growing.

I just learned from the front page of the Wash. Post that Chris Long is Howie Long's son and was a second round pick. I love Howie Long and it's a very cool pic. I'd link but it's 90F here and too hot to expend that much energy.

by 3 now, Doc. *sigh*

It said second pick, not second "round" pick.

Chris Long: great pick/ smart guy/ will probably have a long great career.

McFadden: average back that will now cost high dollars and RBs typically only last for @ 5 years. Bad Pick! Adrian Peterson (RB, last year) was woth a high pick, becuase 1st rounders must start and he was ready and a game changer. McFadden will have to start and will be very expensive, but no one will be fearing the awesome that is the Raider's running game. Sorry, Shy, but that's way too high to pick an average RB.

*pours Jan a beer to cry into*

Dang! Tennessee got Chris Johnson, whom I liked...now I have to HATE him!

OK, back to tending the fire.

Unless this comes with a beer every ten minutes, I might have to go back to reading the phone book.

And, Dave. Please....

cj - so who should they have gone with? They didn't need any defense. They needed a receiver (hopefully) but there weren't any good ones, except for our Cal guy DeSean Jackson?

And I missed the beginning. Who took Chris Long?

And what they hay is a "Draft Hat"? Perhaps they should have left out the "r".

*wonders "Y" I misstyped*

I'm just taking a wild guess here, but from Dave's updates, I think he's watching. Yes. I. Do. ;)

NFL Draft?
I don't know how you guys walk around with those things.

hey.....youse people are funny.....who knew?

*zaps in*

Did we get Shack? Oh and Dave? I was not fooled this time. HAH!

Back to napping...


St. Louis took Chris Long @ # 2.

Jan, it's about value, not need. Smart picks never address a need when your talking high draft picks (say, first 10 players). Oakland will waste a fortune signing McFadden as a # 4 pick; his 'value' was down around #10. You take the best player available and he should be worth the price. The only way to 'address a need' is to do what the Jags did, trade up to pick a high value player that happens to play a position you have a need for. You never use a high pick to reach down and grab a lower guy, just because you need him. If you want that player, you trade down and earn picks, then pick him up at the lower, correct price. Just watch, Mcfadden will be good, but I doubt he will rate anything like the players that were drafted after him; Oakland will be stuck with his huge paycheck.


And to think you could be outside on such a nice day refurbishing Rocinante. tsk, tsk. ;p

Siouxie, I didn't fall for it either. I'm so proud. *grins*

I'd love to sit here and watch this incredibly exciting event and listen to CJ and Rick's drunken rants in-depth analysis, but I'm off to dinner.


Maybe Mrs. Blog/Sportswriter has been assigned to cover this zzzzzzzzzzz esteemed event.

a draft hat is that hard hat contraption that holds a beer on each side. cj's wearing one.

When wearing a draft hat it is important to consume the beer in equal amounts from each side to maintain balance.

I'm just checking in to say that not *all* guys give a rat's ass about... whatever it is that you guys are talking about.

I will discuss and even watch football - the actual game (occasionally). Watching the draft, though, has *so* little to do with what I enjoy about the game that it would be as entertaining as watching a long TV documentary about the relative merits of the differences in the selection of which natural turf strain is better for playing football on. (Someone fix the grammar on that sentence, please.)

I attribute this to my preference for watching a good game regardless of who's playing or who wins.

Beer, however, that's a timeless topic.

Judi, if you're reading this Craig Ferguson is scheduled to speak at White House Correspondents Dinner -- it's on C-SPAN right now...

For the record drunk doesn't happen until about right now. In regards to the draft, as for the moment at hand I have C-Span on right now and am enjoying the evening.

I have on an old Loggins & Messina LP, does that count?

I'm no Bush fan but there's no question that just like Reagan he has a wonderful self-deprecating sense of humor and I think he will be able to hold his own...

Great, now they're doing to wait till 9:30 for the "entertainment" ? (damn, Ms Compton sounded like one of my old high school teachers...!) O well, I guess it's back to "Cops"...

But that will give Judi time to spiff up, uncork the bubbly and settle back down in front of the TV ...

Hey, Steve, thanks for the heads-up on that. I just set the DVR.

He thinks we're laughing with him, when most of us are laughing at him. IMO.

And muttering under our breath too Eleanor

Nothing I might say about Bush comes anywhere near Bill Maher's weekly diatribe, and I agree with what he said about the Pope too...

Jeff Dunham is on Comedy Central right now for those interested. Otherwise we're stuck waiting on everybody to get done eating in Washington.

Sure hope Bush has a translator.

I'm watching 100 Best Songs of the 80s. Last time I checked C-Span it said 9:45p.m. EDT, which is NOW, but I just looked and it's not on.

They're giving journalism awards now, and then it will be Ferguson's turn so be patient people...

Who the hell are the Jonas Brothers??

Heh, heh, a friend of ours got us tickets to see Jeff Dunham in October.

The Prez is speaking now. I lasted for about 35 seconds.

John Philip Sousa is whirling in his grave...

You're a better man than I, Eleanor.

I still say that the Raiders picked the best guy available. *pffftt* to CJ.

I have to follow the 49ers because late husband was a fan, but WHO did they pick? And why?
*eye roll*

El - you lasted longer than his brain did.

Thank you, Scott and Annie. :)

Judi, did you catch all that? Judi?? Someone wave their hand in front of her eyes...

They did say C-Span would repeat it tomorrow morning, 10 I think...

Actually they're repeating it right now starting with the red carpet apparently. But you can mute the sound when Bush steps up to the podium if you like...

Damn, where's Joan Rivers and her skanky daughter when you need them?

I'm done.

It's been.

*zips out*

Where's the love, man?

*zaps in*

I hear ya, W!

Is it OVER??? Did the sorting hat get it right?

(insom, I will disagree - Slytherin would be the Patriots)(sorry Prof & Punkin)\

Nite all!

Farming or Fencing!?! Either way we finally got our own league?! I can't wait to see the results. There's Tony and Sean and Dave and Jose. They're all free agents. This should be exciting.

Wow - the Pats picked up O'Mandy in the 4th round for a song!


You are truly evil. And the fourth round isn't until late Sunday or Monday. (Hover, never ever click on ANY of Annie's comments ever.)

What?!?! you mean it's not over........? we're gonna need more beer.

Cg - it was over when it started.

And, Annie. Please ....

(knocks on mike) Judi? CBS Sunday Morning, which just started, said they're gonna have a thing on Craig Ferguson too...! So sometime between now and 10:30... (and no Bush this time!)

Beer is sometimes good for breakfast cg

*zips in*™

I never click on any of Annie's links. Siouxie told me not to.

I'm watching the tennis finals at Monte Carlo, Federer (yay) v. Nadal (boo).

And drinking coffee from a wonderful new mug that a good friend gave me. :)

hello folks....El ..cye

mornin, kids! *sets out cinnamon rolls*

Looks like Ferguson's next up if anyone's interested...

I am, Steve!

I'm an hour behind you. D'oh!

(sigh) it would appear that "coming up" means something different in CBS-speak than it does for the rest of us...

Judi's gonna be sorry she slept in...

Buenos dias! Looks like the morning peanut gallery is here.

*grabs one of bali's cinnaminimum buns*

*slides a heiny over to cg* It's gonna be a LONG day for you.

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