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April 24, 2008


Driver follows sat-nav into river

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Jeff Renner)


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the river NAR? bwahaaaa. i just think that's funny. also, in yiddish, narr means, uh, foolish. seems to apply to the driver, and he wasnt even in florida.

He shoulda made a left at Albuquerque.

GPS: You have reached your FINAL destination.

Driver: Gulp.

The amazing thing is that alcohol wasn't apparently involved.

"We've also had phones calls, texts coming through asking if they can book river trips."

Great - so not only does he feel totally gormless but he's got people rubbing his face in it.

At least he had no passengers

Along the same lines, here's one I submitted on Sunday:

"Let's see... bus is 12ft high, bridge has 9ft clearance ... I've got 3ft to spare!".

Richard's link has a useful bit of advice from GPS maker Garmin:
"The bigger comment here is that drivers always need to obey all the rules of the road at all times," he said.

"Stoplights aren't in our databases, either, but you're still expected to stop for stoplights."

In other words, it's not an auto-pilot.

"I don't think he did think"
Enough said...

"The vehicle still had its engine running and headlights on, and he was sitting in it with his trousers rolled up round his knees. I shone a torch in the river and there were fish swimming around the headlights"

Er, maybe a bit of creative license there. Why'd he need to shine a flashlight in the river if the headlights were still on?

Ha, he deserves as many embellishments as he can get, though.

Chloe wouldn't have let him run into the river.

How do you say, "I drove into the river" in Farsi or Hindi?

How do you say, "I drove into the river" in Farsi or Hindi?


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