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April 25, 2008


Girlfriend behind stabbing

(Thanks to Danny)


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Ok..so what did he DO??? WE don't just stab men in the butt for no reason.

So he grabbed a carrot and ... oops, wrong couple ...

Siouxie, sometimes just being a man is enough reason. I wonder why this guy went to the police if he didn't want her arrested. I think there's more to the story.

I agree, ub! (btw - LTNS!! how ya doing???)

Should read: "Man behind stabbing"

that's one way to get a guy out of your bed.

He better be glad he's a stomach sleeper.

I guess after boiling water, a little stab in the left buttock isn't a big deal.

So why can't the sleeping man be the innocent victim of a psycho-PMSing-'Cuz-I-felt-like-doing-it girlfriend? Of course, it is partially his fault for sticking around after the boiling water routine. He needs to grow a pair.

I've had GFs that were a pain in the ass, butt...

Boiled? poked with a knife? Yep, he's done.

**Good morning to yooo!**

*Snork* at Siouxie!

And yeah, you'd have thought he'd be done after the boiling water.

My Momma used to say, stupid is as stupid loves.

It should say "Boyfriend in front of Stabbing". "And Under Boiling Water".

After reading a previous thread, I think he may be in andropause.

he didn't want her in jail so he turned the other cheek

My, she's a feisty one, eh?

Meanwhile, she's thinking, "Jeez, dude! Take a hint and move out already!"

Behind every stupid man is a knife in the ass. And snork ar siouxie.

Behind every stupid man is a knife in the ass. And snork ar siouxie.

Shouldn't this read:

Girlfriend behind, stabbing
Girlfriend stabbing behind

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