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April 25, 2008


As this blog courageously reported back in January despite the very real threat of winning a major journalism award, lawmakers in Virginia have been trying to take away a man's fundamental human right to put testicles on his trailer hitch. Now this scourge has spread to the Florida legislature, which apparently has run out of other problems to concern itself with.

(Thanks to Bill Procter and Blaire McKee)


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First to say that's bull!


They've got balls!

They fit best when ya got a hitch in yer trailer.

If the legislature "fixes" your truck, can you install these instead?

"Ting-a-ling! %&*%#$@**%$#!!"

They banned fake testicles. Does that mean that I can still put real ones on my truck?

beanie you stole my brain question!

I was just reading in the NY Times today about the 23 states that are already in recession and can't balance their budgets, of which the two in worst shape are (apparently) California and (you guessed it) Florida.

So no, I guess the legislature doesn't have anything better to do like...oh, I don't know, say... BALANCE THE FRICKIN' BUDGET!!!!!!

Jeff, balancing the budget would take testicular fortitude which, of course, they are in the process of banning . . .

I'm just hoping that Yosemite "Back Off" Sam (mud flaps) shoots straighter than he did at Bugs Bunny. That could hurt the ol' hitch.

As overheard in many parts of Memphis, "They can have my truck nuts when they pry my cold dead fingers..."

Available in many colors . . .

DPC - All I can say about your link is that my dog never had any self esteem issues because we got him fixed. That's more for the owner than the dog.

And if you need to give your dog fake cojones to boost your self esteem, than you've probably got fake ones hanging on your trailer hitch, too...

I object to the word "fixed." What was wrong with him to begin with?

...and resemble the south end of a bull moving north.

Journalistic integrity forbids them from writing "bull nuts".

These are not as bad as those enormous teeth some truckers put on the grills of their semis to intimidate people in normal-size vehicles, I saw one of those tailgating another driver on the turnpike the other day . . .

I just thought of another one:

"Help control the truck population; have your trucks spayed or neutered."

Sixth item down. Watch out for the nut behind the wheel after installation.

MKJ, you're comment reminded me of an Air Traffic Control story/joke I've heard bandied about many times:

A crew in a Baron [small aircraft] was taxiing at LAX back in the sixties and encountered one of the (then) new 747's. Both pilot and co- were all eyes as both aircraft approached the same intersection.
Baron: Uh, ATC, verify you want me to taxi in front of the 747.
ATC: Yeah, it's OK. He's not hungry.

Good to hear the government is on the ball as usual.

Balls under the pickup bed, at the back end? Dang(le)! That seems wrong somehow.

I guess when balls are outlawed, only outlaws will have balls.

All your nuts are belong to us.

*Slinks in®*

Can somebody please explain to me why men like looking at these?

I mean, I get the humor factor, I guess. But, really.

To overcompensate, Cat, is my best guess.

Cat. Boy have always loved balls. Hence, ESPN.

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