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April 24, 2008


In this fascinating story, we learn that:
-- Cricket has cheerleaders;
-- Some of them are from Uzbekistan;
-- One of the Uzbekistani ones is named "Tabitha";
-- They have, quote, "bulging breasts and gyrating bellies";
-- This is highly controversial in India.
(Thanks to David Elwart)


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Talk about a wicked googly.

Did anyone else hear the voice of Apu in your head when you were reading parts of that?

i wondere if Richard Gere was behind this

Actually I heard Apu when I read NMUA's post...

I believe the cheerleaders are there so no one has to watch cricket.

"'Our stars wear skimpy dresses in movies but nobody seems to protest. Why this double standards?' said Mohan, a marketing executive from Bangalore."

I was thinking the same thing. Why this fusses?

People, it's not the jiggling. It's the logo on their tank tops.

"Tantalizing Women's Acrobatic Team".

But they just abbreviate it, I guess.

Reason #3 why living in the U.S. is better than anywhere else in the world. Hot, scantily clad chicks running rampant through sporting venues everywhere.

Doc, SKY News is reporting that a Texas billionaire is planning to bring a similar cricket circus to the US. The final will be played for a $1M winner takes all prize.

Sweet Mot! I hope it's held in Houston because I will go to it. Not kidding. Hell, I'm sure whatever team comes in will score more runs than the New York Yankees.

This story just made CNN. I'm so glad I've found a news source ahead of the traditional media. :)

A shortened form of cricket? Genius!!

Sounds like they're getting a rise out of the Indian people.

"I'm sure whatever team comes in will score more runs than the New York Yankees."

Pretty sure that's a given, Doc. The most recent cricket match in the new Indian league had a final score of 217-214.

Well, Jeter and A-Rod aren't playing at full strength right now KJP. If they were at full strength I'm quite sure they'd give a thorough smashing of the Indian team given they're combination of speed, power, and hand-eye coordination,

Sure, Rick. Then, if they were batting .500 they would score, on average, 1/2 of a run before getting an out.

Oh wait! That would still suck!

CJ, the NFL draft is almost here. I'm just trying to make it to the finish line. A wicked googly here or there just makes the day go by that much faster.

There was a guy explaining the rules of cricket on NPR, I don' know whaaat he was talkin' bout . . .

Well Cj, if they used those canoe paddles cricket players use, they couldn't possibly miss.

*pace-bowls Elon with a bouncing shot to the chin*

C'mon, kid; raise that paddle up a bit!

CJ - your comment "And ordering 'two eggs, scrambled' gets you twin schizophrenic gals', on the "you give birth to what you eat" thread was outstanding. I can almost hear Dave and Judi laughing, too. Thanks.

Well I've had a productive day. As of 7:20 this morning my new niece arrived in the world at 8lbs 10oz. Needless to say we grow them big in Texas. So for Eden Faith, welcome to the world sweetheart! :)

Heh, thanks Sego. I enjoy the challenge of trying to write things I can never get away with in my work.

I thought crickets were one of the plagues.....

We're moving again Jug. Must be a slow night out in America. I hear this show about dumb arse people working in an office is on again.

Uzbeki? Hey, that's my name, too!

Doc, I learned a long time ago that if it didn't have innings, quarters, or laps it prolly wasn't worth watching.
I am proud of the fact that I have never watch American Survivor or whatever its called

Amen brother! Let me by ya a round at the old blog bar.

The caveat I will add is ACL or a really good movie.
Jameson's please.

Jameson's it is my friend. Lordy the blog's lookin' a little homely tonight. Wonder where all the blog gals wandered off to tonight? With the exception of the fair Becky that is. ;)

Maybe there is a Chippendale's show?

In order to post a bad pun that seemed like a good idea at the time, I was pretending to be "Becky." Sorry to disappoint.

I'm thinking E.R. is new tonight or at the very least a new episode of Lost. Not sure either way. The good thing is the we have the booze cabinet and the blog big screen TV all to ourselves.

*buys a round and plops a stogie in Doc's maw*

Alright then, since cricket pauses for tea then meets the next day, I'll grab my Uzbecki cheerleader teddy bear and trundle off, at 133 Not Out (that means I'm challenging you colonials to beat that, tomorrow, by getting at least that many runs before you get an out).

I'm pretty sure CJ just challenged us to something that might resemble cricket but honestly I think the best way to settle things would be over at the dart board in a game of, what else, cricket. I'll let jug have first tosses.

whoosh - *flaps t-shirt to relieve hot flashes* over being left alone at the bar with all the men.

"eh, boys"...*faints* - never mind.


*zips in*™

Hey! What's goin on? Is this Boy's Night on the blog? Sounded like things were getting a little raunchy.

Yankees 3, CWS 0

careful, there, jug, you look dazed.

Big night?

I always get dazed when your around bali...

Well I hate to cut and run but the Rockets are playing the godforsaken Utah Jazz tonight and I must support my team. Back at halftime if anyone is still awake. ;)

*Surprised us blog gals haven't come up with a suitable cheer yet*

*sets up tee (not tea) time for Rockets tomorrow*

Annie, you always have a tee time available on my schedule. For that matter so does the rest of the blog. Lord knows I need the exercise.

then get some exercise and fetch me some tea, dammit. While you thought I was sitting on my butt watching tv earlier, I was washing the car, then the floor. Now I'm baking cookies. Yeah, those cookies.

...did I mention I was cranky? Did I need to?

why are you cranky?

I'll fetch your tea for you once you've actually gone to the fridge on your own and gotten both of us a beer. After that we can discuss the works of Susan Sontag and Barry Manilow's place in pop music for all I care. Stupid Rockets!

What is up Packsaddle? Hope all is going well for you today/tomorrow/this evening. Figure I might as well cover the gamut.

i met a ukranian cheerleader in dubai.

she charged 2000 dirhams per cheer.

therefore, i would classify her as more of an "entrepreneurial cheerleader".

Yankees were losing. Now they've tied it up, but I have to listen those moronic Chisox homer announcers. Grrrr.....

I just kind of love that one of the teams is called the Indians.

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