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April 24, 2008


Take your spoons.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Amanda Austin)


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There's always room for Jello(™).

There's always room for Jello-ooo-oooo!!!

^5^ Jeff!

Everything (inlcuding Interstate pile-ups) is better with Jell-O.

hope it wasnt strawberry. ewww. too sweet. what a sticky mess!!

If it has the bananas in it, that just exponentially increases the slipperiness.

Add some vodka and voila! Jello shots!!!!

They had a truck full of Budweiser turn over on the I-10 here in Houston a couple of years ago. Surprisingly, no one pulled over to help "clean up" the accident.

All I can think about is what Bill Cosby is doing right now....

This was 15 minutes away from where I work.
The police didn't let us anywhere near the jello.

I just had to eat the cool whip straight from the spray can

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