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April 24, 2008


Be on the lookout.

(Thanks to sjhaller and Cheryl Howard)


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"...the "church" has a branch in Florida..."

I am shocked. Shocked!

Impersonator? He was pretending to be the real Darth Vader?

In France they can't pronounce 'th', so . . .

When nerds go wild.

Distressed we are...

"We're very sorry, Master Yoda, we'll try to find this guy..."

"Try? No. Do, or do not. There is no "try"..."

SNORK! @ Yoda and Steve.

My version had a great headline: Bin-bag Darth Vader strikes Jedi.

Those Star Wars fans must have been annoying him for a loooong time prior to that.

Calling "crinkly green dwarf" who you?

haha...1.32 gallons of alcohol was involved in the incident.

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