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April 22, 2008


...this unfortunate motorist wound up in Athol Memorial Hospital.

(Thanks to Info)


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Am I missing something?

What a dinghy-bat.

Does the road sign look like this ( * ) instead of this H?

Suzy Q. Yeth.

My Jeep Cherokee hates me and I've got the scars to prove it.

Tho what happened with the boat and Jeep(TM thing)

Tho what happened with the boat and Jeep(TM thing)?

The boat, the Jeep, and the trailer all ended up swimming with the fishes.

Man, that was not his day.

*ring, ring*
Mrs. Ostrander:Hello?
Mr. Ostrander: Hey, I had an accident. Come get me.
Mrs. Ostrander: Where are you?
Mr. Ostrander: I'm in Athol.
Mrs. Ostrander:I've known that for years, but where are you?
Mr. Ostrander: I'm in Athol. With the Doc.
Mrs. Ostrander: On the dock?
Mr. Ostrander: No, the Jeep sank. The boat sank. I'm in Athol.
Mrs. Ostrander: You sure are.

Annie - that was classic. There should be someplace on this blog that jewels like this can be kept forever.

There were so many on the "keyboard crotch" thread also...not to mention the cancer awareness one.

I'm in awe of the wit of all you people. Well-done.

That was a good one, Annie.

Thanks, you two. I continued it on the next thread.

FYI, it's pronounced Ath-All, not Ath-ole...

First a memo from a desk...now a story written by the newsroom.

Next thing you know offices will be answering telephones.

(I know...I know...syndoche)


"Your Bunghole is safe with us"

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