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April 25, 2008


Cambridgeshire is under assault by a pack of mutant testosterone-fueled Russian black squirrels, which of course would be a good name for a rock band.

(Thanks to Matt Filar, Michelle Lancaster [formerly Michelle in Houston, now married to Steve "The Other Steve" Lancaster] and Amanda Austin)


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YIKES!!! (cancels trip to GB...)

"some carrying pieces of flesh."

I'm sorry, was there a story on that page about squirrels, or something? I got distracted by the picture of Heather Locklear in a red bikini.

*smacks* Schade!

You're welcome.

*starting to like the smackings from Siouxie, despite the fact that it's hard to spell her name*

Schade, just call me Sio or Sioux or Sooz or GODDESS.

Any one of those will do ;-P

Was there another blog marriage that I missed? (It's so hard to keep up.)

Not fair! Schade got Locklear in a bikini and all I got was baby-bumps and Paltrow in flat shoes.

Congrats to (The Other) Steve and Michelle (formerly in Houston)!

CJ - admittedly, the article about Locklear was near the bottom, but as soon as I saw it, I completely forgot about anything dealing with squirrels.

I carry a spare picture of my wife sans clothes just in case I'm ever captured by the bad guys and they try to interrogate me. I can just pull that picture out and I'm in another world all together. They'd never get anything out of me.

They might also forget that they were trying to get information from me once they saw the picture, too.

Nice save, Schade.

I'm not seeing Heather either, alas.

But on the topic, what I want to know is where'd the "Russian" bit in the post come from?

"Sex selection is also boosting their numbers because female greys appear to prefer them as mates."

Once you go bl--

No, I won't. Nope. Won't do it.

So, all I got from this was, "Michelle is married to Steve and Amanda?"

What? I don't know Amanda! How did we get married?

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