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April 26, 2008


It costs $300,000, and it doesn't tell time.

(Thanks to DavCat and Matt Filar)


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Am I late?

*stoopid watch*

I also have a bridge I would like to sell to those rich people who have made the decision to purchase said watch. It's only one beeellion dollars.

"Will that be cash or charge, Mr. Trump?"

Oh, a great market for my "Weather Rock (wet = rain) that doubles as a Hide-a-Key. and if the key isn't in it you can throw it through the window to break into your own house.

Normally, it's $500,000, but for the next five minutes, it's only $99.99. AND free of charge, I'll throw in the easy to carry Weather Pebble.

Morbid Metals wbagnfa ... billionaire rock (watch) band ...

so the knock-off copies will actually work?

I sure hope the Houston Texans billionaire owner doesn't have that watch today. I'd really like the team to draft somebody, even if it isn't the next Reggie Bush or Vince Young.

Are the stars out tonight?
I can't tell if it's sunny or night.
Because I only have eyes
for you, dear

It's sunny. Now give me $300,000.

For 300 grand, I'll follow you around for a couple of years, keeping you informed as to whether it is day or night. Any takers?

swap ya for my pet rock....

I recently had occasion to describe a co-worker as being "more useless than a condom in a convent".

I now have an entirely new frame of reference for uselessness.

Its the Paris Hilton of time pieces. Expensive, yet completely ueless.

Does anybody really know what time it is?
Does anybody really care?

Guess not.

Um, if it doesn't tell time, it isn't so much a "watch" as a "bracelet".

And for $300,000, I want a heck of a lot more bracelet than that, thanks.

Just one more example of how huge gobs of money does not always equal a similar amount of brain....

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