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March 25, 2008


(Thanks to Meanie the Blue)


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Keep your seatbacks upright and locked and loaded.

"Accidental discharge" heh! typical guy.

and also the first time an 'accidental discharge' has happened to someone besides a mile-high club participant.

Clarification - please thank U.S. Airways, not me, for the freedom to wet your pants.

/end clarification

Two words: Code Brown.

Another half-cocked excuse.

Didn't we have a case of a guy discharging his weapon on a flight a few days ago? I seem to remember the discharge landing in a female passenger's hair. I thought at the time that it was a case of spitting trouser snakes on a plane.

Mot- ewwwwww.

Mot, here's another box of double stuffs. LOL!

*hands box to airline pilot for safe transport*

Back in the day, I carried a weapon on all flights. Never had to use it, thank heavens. If I had, I would've hit what I aimed at and it would not have been pretty. Any miss would have downed the plane. Be werry, werry cawfull.

Frankly I don't care what they do as long as they don't let this guy fly the plane...

Whoops! My bad!

Damn man, now I'm going to need another drink.

judi!!!! The love of your life is on The View right now!! Hurry!

Counting Crows ??

On another blog (I can't recall precisely where) there was a link to a news article describing the "discharge." According to the article, armed pilots are required by the TSA to padlock their weapons into the holster, with the lock running through both the holster and triggerguard.

This despite the warning that comes with all handguns these days not to use any sort of triggerlock on a loaded gun, for fear of an accidental discharge when locking or unlocking it.

(And I guess TSA expects hijackers to politely wait until the pilot unlocks his gun before trying to seize the plane, just to give the aircrew a sporting chance...)

If true...then is it a case of incompetence on the pilot's part, or the TSA's?

Yes! And Adam, Dur--, um Der-- I have no idea how to spell his last name. The important thing is judi does.

Wes, you go to another blog???

I'm gonna tell Dave!

I just love this.

Not being a gun freak it's hard for me to see how putting handguns on an airplane makes the plane safer, regardless of who has the gun. If there's a hijacking, what's the pilot going to do with a gun? Shoot it out in the aisle, hiding behind the beverage cart?

Same for arming college students. When some whacko comes into a classroom waving a gun around, do you want 4 or 5 young adults with no real world combat training shooting it out with the whacko? Doesn't everyone know how often trained & capable military folks and police still shoot the WRONG people?

I'm fine with hunting weapons, but sometimes when I'm around gun people and they ask me what kind of handgun I like, I'm tempted to say, "I don't need a handgun, my actual penis still functions quite well."

I'm not touching that, pad. Or your gun argument, either. ;-P

Yeah, and if five people pull out a gun, how do you know who was the original shooter?

*snork* @ padraig! That's very true. I have no problem with guns, but some of the owners are really compensating for their shortcomings. And not doing a very good job of it at that. They might wanna first try arming themselves with an above-belt brain.

Speaking as a gun nut, Padraig, I'm in no need of an artificial penis...and there's something wrong with you if you think a gun would make a good substitute for a penis.

Besides, if you consider handguns to be phallic symbols, then how do you explain the popularity of snubnosed revolvers?

Because two inches isn't enough to satisfy anybody.


Wes, my only problem with guns is that people mistake them for magic wands.

A handgun is not a good security device in an airplane. How about tasers? Pointy sticks? Seems like some guys a few years ago got some pretty frightening results with boxcutters.

And I don't have any experience evaluating artificial penises, so I'll have to take your word on that.

pad' ... I'm a gun owner (tho not a "nut" I would hope) and I appreciate your reasonable analysis/response to this example of less-than-reassuring events ... sum folks don't always consider that we gun owners (nemmine how many ... there are sum things MB(RH?) have a point of view worth considering ... tnx for that ...

OTOH, this would seem to be a perty good adv. for the Airbus ...

"Even with bullet holes, it keeps on flying ... "

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