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March 23, 2008


Now they're using onions.

(Thanks to DCC, Cheryl Howard and Mama723)


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New stories like this always make me cry.

Make that "News".

Maybe they need to wash the onions before putting them on the plane...and who is to say that the truck driver won't be overwhelmed by their fumes?

shouldn't that be the 'no fry' list?

Ooooh, insom...I need a cigarette after that one.

*snork* at "The onions were added to the FAA “No Fly List”"

Don't you know the pilots were blaming it on each other right at first.
"Johnson, what the hell?!"
"Hey, whoever smelt it dealt it."

Snorks on a Plane.

Trying to imagine five tons of minced onions.

Gawd, I smell it just looking at the pictures. I do *not* like raw onions.

That would take a LOT of one quart resealable plastic bags.

“We narrowed it down to the 10,000 pounds of onions in the cargo hold,”

Acting FAA chief Clancy Wiggum said "That's some real nice narrowing down, boys".

Aww, thanks, Chief.

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