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March 22, 2008


(Thanks to RussellMc)


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One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.

All that "schooling" has paid off.

Dumb. Dumb and silly. Dumb and silly and FIRST.

OK, OK, Dumb and silly and SECOND. ;)

That's all good and dandy, but can they subtract?? hmmmm?? can they???

Off to do Saturday stuff, blogits. Have a happy one.

*Cat R slinks out, but not before gulping down Fish #5 and Fish #6, since they can't count that high anyway and will never miss 'em...*

Have a good one, Cat!!

Nice kitty LOL

if a female mosquito fish is harassed by a male, she will try to avoid his attentions by seeking solace in the largest nearby shoal

Ah, we finally have a reason why you all go to the ladies' room in shoals.

{Dr Agrillo said: "The most interesting thing is that fish performance is very similar to what is observed in adult humans who possess a very limited vocabulary for numbers."}

Fish might be qualified to vote and drive in Florida, but I suspect that they're over qualified for Texas standards.

*snorks at Cat's wily ways, then snarfs fish #7-10 for a healthy noon snack*

I've had rough days while boating, when I hit as many as two shoals (sandbars, rocks, oyster bars). You would think fishes could avoid them. Perhaps they need better schools?

LOL, Layzee! Another mystery solved.

Well duh! They don't have any fingers, merely 2 front and 2 rear fins.

Mot, you obviously have not seen some of the fine water critters that are pulled from local Houston area bayous. They could have fingers, toes, and who knows what else.

*Using a slingshot, sends a box of double stuff Oreos to Mot for Easter*

Well thank you kindly. BTW how's the weather in the Lone Star State? I believe it's pretty foul in certain parts of the US.

My son learned to count by counting cookies on one hand ("One Tookie, Two Tookies, Many Tookies..."). He can only count to many.

My daughter learned to count at Kennedy Space Center and still counts..."Five, four, three, two, one...Kaboom!"

*Brushes cookie crumbs and a dollop of double stuff goo off Mot's right cheek (the upper one)*

You're welcome! Mot, it's absolutely gorgeous here today. Sunny, about 73 degrees. Hmmmm, why am I inside? Later, dude!

*Heads towards the backyard with favorite fictional trash novel*

And then there's Pratchett's trolls, who count "one", "two", "many", "lots".

Another reason not to ever lend fish money.

They have a limited ability to count fish nearby as long as they don't exceed four in number? And this is advantageous, how? I think this proves Evolution has no idea what it's doing.

I dated a guy who had the same problem with beer. He always lost count after four.

LOL! Annie, those guys are everywhere. They also seem to have a problem with accurate measurements. (IYKWIM, AITYD)

Yes, Tex - they suddenly go metric, as well as become incredible dancers. *eyeroll*

Of course we go metric, 23 centimeters sounds a hell of a lot more impressive than 9 inches.

Dave utalizing his Florida drivers license...What?

Well, spelling for one thing.

Happy Easter Vigil everyone! I have been so busy lately that I haven't even had time to blog. :o( *snif and sigh* Soon we will finish our school year and take a short break. If I don't get in here before that, I will make sure to catch up during the break. (We "do school" all year round.)

Hey, it's okay - some musicians can only count to 4 too!

'4' is more of a journey than a destination anyway. When there is no three sometimes sh!t gets a little weird.

Mot, 9 inches not only sounds incredible, but also totally suspicious.

*Searches for nonmetric measuring tape and travel agent's cell number*

*snorks* @ CJ & Texgal. Some guys are so much cooler onliesline.

Howdy, D2B!!!!! Happy to see you back on the blog range.

I've been doing my best to maintain our high moral and ethical standards here in Bloggerville. Some yankee from New York by the name of Spitzer sent in his resume. For some unknown reason, he is suddenly available and is interested in the position of Bloggerville comptroller. What do you think about hiring him (maybe by the hour)?

Texgal, no way.

1) He can only count to #9. (Only marginally better than fish. But fish smell better.)

2) He'll be relocating as soon as he's tried and sentenced. (And he'll probably need to learn to count higher to figure out how long he'll be in prison.)


*swats entire Blog with 4 pillows in each hand*!

*zaps in*

I can count to three.

1 tequila
2 tequila
3 tequila

*swats CJ back*

*off to nap*

Ok, Ducky. I'll trust your judgment on this. Also found an older resume from some attorney named Gonzales. Said that he worked in Washington, D.C. for a couple of years . . .

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*swats spammer w/pillow* Oh, sorry; that was a cinderblock! Honest mistake.

goshdarnit...Ah think ah wants sum of that ther free "muney"...

Ah mean, a whole seven bucks could pay for the trailer redecorations, including that flocked wallpaper me and the missus have bin admirin...

afkat, are you looking to get caned by the gang???

Maybee yu aynd yur mizzuz kain git won ov dem Illnoys korn flack kopikatz ovr ayt dat dar eBoy. Wood shur purty oop yur plase.

♪ ♫ "The best things in life are free
But you can keep 'em for the birds and bees counting fish
Now give me muney, (that's what I want) that's what I want."♫

*Wonders if Lawrence Welk was a fish*

(Lawrence Whelk?)

Y'all talk so purty.

*Snorks* @ Siouxie & Meanie!

*Whaps everyone with pillows, feathers flying*

Synthetic, I hope, JD. Wouldn't want to see you exploiting your fellow avians.

Meanie, that thought brings me down.

*swats everyone with pillows*

*looks around...sees blog is empty...swats self with pillow...curls up to wait for company*

*Thumbs daisymae with a genuine synthetic pillow*

*WHACKS daisy*! Runaway!

I think it's a safe bet that those fish are smarter than most of our elected politicians. Especially New York governors.

Do you mean the unzipped cuties?

And darned athletic, too!

Thanks, Ducky!! *smooch*

*swats Meanie, Tex, daisy, Rick and CJ(again) with her goose down pillow*

*picks self off the blog bar floor* Thanks Siouxie! Ya know a simple handshake would do just fine. And how come the pillow you hit me with looks strangely like a sack of nickels?

Doc, that's "sock o' nickels". Started long time ago and now we just keep it around for, say if the machete's out for sharpening and Siouxie's out of hot wax - temporarily. ;)

*Brings in (not terribly effective) reinforcements.*

snork @ Meanie's Beatles Videogame

*picks feathers out of her mouth*

*whaps Siouxie, Doc, CJ, Meanie, El 'n Texgal hiding behind the blog couch then runs out*

This is not really my thing, but it caught my eye while browsing the paper, and I knew a few blogettes might be interested. Step lively!

Thanks for the flashback, Blue. ;)

Any particular reason we're whacking each other with pillows? What'd I miss? *slings everyone their favorite drink from the blog bar*

*WHACKS Meanie for linking to a non-obvious video link, of chick stuff, when I was streaming Buckethead* [grumble, grumble]

Doc, today is International Pillow Fight Day, which the Blog warned us about yesterday. I warn you, it's been raining all day, so mine's acting a bit heavy. *Whack*!

Doc - it's national pillow fight day. I'd join you, but I broke my pillow early this morning. It was worth it, though.
But I do have fresh baked apple pie, so all is good.

ooooooooooooooooo shoooooooessssssssss!! I want one of each!!!

I had to give up my favorite pillows and jacket because my ex was allergic to down. Ahhhh...divorce has some (strange) advantages.

Annie, we don't need to know about your sex life...sheesh.

*rolls eyes and whacks Annie with her new down pillow*

Everybody be nice to Annie for a bit, UCLA is down (<- pillow joke). MMmmmmm, apple pie....

The real answer to Rick's question: because they're not as messy as tire irons.

I want some piiiiie! Hot with vanilla ice cream, please!

Well that sounds like a far better explanation Meanie. CJ, the scary thing is that UCLA is losing to Texas A&M. When you think of NCAA basketball dynasties, the Aggies don't exactly come to mind.

Rick, please...we're being nice to Annie.

*WHACKs Sio while she's trying on shoes*

Meanie- what a wonderful treat!! Preeetttttttyyyyyyyy
Sssssshhhhhooooooooeeeeeeesssssss! There were definitely more than 4.

My Precioussssssss...
oops- sorry, channeling Golem for a moment (male docling and I have been watching LOTR over the past few days in between my shifts).

Happy Easter, y'all!!

*Looks in fridge, slams door shut*

Whew! Darned eggs are turning all kinds of weird colors. Still having flashbacks, I guess.

Meanie: Goo goo g'joob.

Tie Game!

Well that just sucked! Oh well, the Longhorns are still in so all is good.

EEeeeww, that was just ugly. But, mostly 'cause Annie has pie and a smile on her face!

Congrats girl...*WHACK*!

WHAT? I have UCLA in my bracket thingy. I even went there for one semester on my journey through CA colleges.

Are they losing??

I was just notified by my Bracket Manager that UCLA won! YAY!

It's official, my bracket looks like Berlin after the B-17s dropped by for a visit. I've had some bad years picking games but this is closing in on Britney Spears level train-wreck status.

I'm not doing great either, Doc. And I'm the person who was the League Champion in my Fantasy Football League. Some of the same people are in my Bracket. This is not good for my image.

Yeah, well the UCLA rooters squeeked by. *DOUBLE Whacks Annie and El, while they're dancin' about*

Yes, technically, it's no longer the 22nd on the East Coast, but it's cold and wet, so we cheat.

CJ, a wet sack of feathers, while painful, is still preferable to a machete or hot wax. Or a sock full of nickels come to think of it.

I'm leaving before I hurt someone.

It's been swell. :)

*zips out*

Well, it's getting late and WGN is running the "24" episode where Jack invades the Russian embassy from last season. Plus, evil former President Handbag is involved. Fun times. Sadly, no Carne Asada lions this time around. Niters y'all.

*starts Bruin coffee for CJ in the morning, slips Stuckey pecan log under his pillow, fills his chocolate Easter bunny with sour grapes*

Happy Easter everybody!

*sets out chocolate bunnies, yellow peeps & blog coffee for bloglits*

*goes to watch Sunday Morning*

I have not missed one prediction in the bracket thingy.....nor have I got one right. Is that fusbul?? ;-)
Hopefully I will get to watch my Razorbacks today when they are eaten as a snack by NC.

Morning, folks and Happy Easter!!!! Oh boy, chocolate bunnies!

*swipes the ears from 5 of the bunnies while no one is looking*

Yuck!! Peeps, why does it always have to be Peeps??? #%^#& Peeps, spawn of Satan Peeps!

Jazzz, are you Razorback? I graduated from U of Ark lo these many eons ago. My cousin was married to Freddy Marshall when he won the Heisman Trophy. Go Razorbacks!

*hops in*

Happy Easter!!!!!

*grabs chocolates* (thanks daisy!)

*hops out to get ready for church* (YES, church!!!)

daisy....I have taken some courses at Uof A, but don't have a degree from that school. My wife is a UofA grad. (1st woman grad from School of Landscape Architecture!!)
I have lived in Ark (Hot Springs) for 25 years, and am a Razorback fan....state law you know.

*zips in*™

*winks a Jazzzz* cye, sweetie.;) and a friendly good morning to all.

Texgal, I've never eaten or even tasted a peep, so I'm glad to know that was a smart move. :) Chocolate bunny ears, OTOH, are a different story. IMO, the very best of all holiday chocolate. :)

Happy Easter to all celebrants, and happy dancing to all Big Dancers.

My wife got little bunny molds for our kids, and we made bunny-shaped pancakes for breakfast (with chocolate kiss eyes). They were pretty good, and the best thing is that we seem to have more now than when we started.

ISn't that what bunnies are famous for, Meanie? (reproducing)

*munches chocolate bunny ears*

Methinks Meaine understated that the pancakes were "pretty good"...
I had the traditional "Poached Easter egg with grits"

sorry MeaIne....MtB (better?)

A real live Easter bunny left my dogs some widdle brown eggs in the yard. They liked them, but now they have gas. Happy Keester, everyone!

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