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March 26, 2008


It may be possible to train fish to catch themselves.

(Thanks to sjhaller)


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*wonders if this would work with men*

Here fishy, here fishy.

*wonders if this would work with his children*

Actually, it already does. But the sound has to be that of me opening the grill lid.

that is just so wrong Siouxie, no wait, hey, that's a great idea. then you can just throw the little ones back and let them grow until next time. can i get a grant to work on this?

Uh huh, wicked. I'll co-sponsor the research with ya.

My experience with fish is they will wander far and wide," he said.

Just like men.

the shock collar usually keeps 'em in the yard.

For men you'd have to have the sound of zipper unzipping Sooz.

I'm not gonna get hung up about the missing "a", life's too short.

I can't wait for the PETA protests...

lmao, wicked! (will have to remember that one)

Keeping them outside may work better than this, especially in the summertime.

Now if they can only train chocolate to come when you call it.

*Slink™s in *

*Rings little bell, licks little chops. Hides on the pier, watching...*

*Slink™s out *

And to get the younger kids attracted to fishing, you could always get them a cool fishing reel . . .

*snork* @ MKJ and Lizzy!

Siouxie - that thing looks like a modified body bag!! Or maybe the costume for the winged creatures in The Beastmaster.

Ooh, Cat! Nice little hoochy walk ya got there!

note to self: do not click on Souixies links at work
note to self#2: By IT guy another case of beer, just in case

Does that rod and reel come with the set of boobehs?

What's wrong with the old-fashioned ways? A man, a boat, a stick of dynamite, and a scoop-net.

WL: Yes!

No . . .

Key quote: "...it's real," said Simon Miner, a research assistant at the Marine Biological Laboratory at Wood's Hole, which received a $270,000 grant for the project...

You can almost hear the fish giggle.

My dog cannot hear me when I am calling her from five feet away, but somehow manages to hear the crinkly sounds of a piece of cheese being unwrapped in the kitchen from the other end of the condo....

Weird, huh?

ad - my cat knows the second I've turned toward the counter where his treats are kept, even if I've been silent as a mouse. Then again, if I sound like a mouse, maybe that's what's catching his attention.

{Miner said real answers won't start coming until the fish hit Buzzards Bay this spring. "There's probably 18,000 ways for it to go wrong and only one way to go right."}

Hmmmm, kinda like a first date.

"Buzzards Bay"


Plus, there is something totally unnatural about this...

Siouxie, just whistle.
You know how to whistle, don't you, Siouxie? You just put your lips together and... blow.

It goes (almost) without saying, I will be trying this. Along with my "Silent Whistle" for gals in noisy single's bars.

CJ you might as well take that "Silent Whistle" back. Its defective. I was able to return mine and I got a full refund and a roll of quarters.

Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his poached black sea bass with tartar sauce.

RIP, Richard Widmark. 1914-2008.

*smacks* iggy!


OK. You can blame igloo for many things, but I somehow doubt that he had anything to do with Richard Widmark's death. Just sayin'.

*Smacks igloo for not changing my name back*

LOL Meanie. I should have cleared that up.

You don't know Iggy very well.

Jug, are you saying that I should carry a roll of quarters in my pocket in single's bars? Come on, it would take at least half-dollars to gain any notice....

That and a Black American Express card ought to do the trick CJ.

Black Americans get their own Express card? Wow, marketing is getting really specific.

You know it Meanie. Its only a matter of time until they come up with a Siouxie sized Smacker that presorts its victims.

ah... fishies...

Seems even the fish can't avoid technology nowadays...

My first deep sea ship went from Fla to Ukraine. (Veer left from Miami, take a right into the med then bare left at the Bosphorus straight. If you hit Iserial, you went to far) Funny thing about the straight is as you sail threw, a dog will bark until you pass, then the next dog on either side will bark until you pass. I think they are warning where the approaching army is from eons of wars between Europe and Asia. But when you get to the aptly named Black sea, even the seagulls are skinny. I was told that they have little to feed on. Hope this works. Seems crazy though

I think you SiouxieSmacked™ GundaDan too hard.

LOL, must have. I didn't know I had been.

Oh we're going
To the Hookilau
The Hooki Hooki Hooki Hooki Hookilau
Oh we're goING
To the Hookilau
The Hooki Hooki Hooki Hooki Hookilau
We play some noise, into the sea
And all the Ama Ama come a swimming to me
Oh we're going
To the Hookilau
The Hooki Hooki Hooki
Hooki Hooki Hooki
Hooki Hooki Hooki Hookilau
(Wanders off to smoke his grass skirt and eat some Poi. And Spam)

ahem....did someone whistle?

i just love island music! here's my favorite song...


lol CJ *claps and screams for an encore*

Woo-hoo, CJ!

And watch the Discovery Channel for their heartwarming documentary:

Bassie, Come Home.

and for the record, SPAM smells. bad. I don't care what any hawiian (god i know i butchered that... anyone care to correct me?) says, i will not eat the stuf. just saying.

Snork Ducky!

*jumps on the DeLorean and goes back to 7:41pm*

*SMACKS* Danny!!

Now you have ;-)

*jumps back and warps to NOW*

Luvs me some Spam. And Poi.

Gunga, and if they hit Israel, you shout "I said left!"

Semi-OT\ cg, minor note; drive music has to be on cassettes; the truck doesn't have a CD player (though the Living Room does). I have brazilions of cassettes packed away here, somewhere.

LMAO CJ and cg!!

*now if I could just train my keys to find themselves*

cj, i'll pack my harry belafonte tape if you'll sing...

cg, any nearby volcanoes are gonna blow (Har!). There were no virgins in that video to sacrifice.

Well, since songs unsuitable for work are being posted on this thread, allow me to offer up my own contribution. I used to live in Calgary, home of the Calgary Stampede (the biggest rodeo on earth). In 1986, the most played song on radio (yes, regular radio, and without "beeps") was This song. Personally, I was shocked that itr was broadcast, but....no complaints, apparently.

Ya know, I know every song he ever did, by heart.

You may decide to ride in the utility trailer.

(we're going camping; cg thinks it's an art show, which suits her; I think it's Extreme Farm-Field Makeover, Alabama Edition. She gets the entire truck-bed for her thingamabobs art; I get the trailer for toys to build the Living Room and Dining Room out of. I have been a bit...excessive)

Hey, casey, you're coming too, aren't you? (adds shower-cam to list)

Just dawned on me why I was getting smacked, snork. I did ramble about the black Sea, and not black sea bass. Forgive me. Would be incredible if they can do this.

*smacks* cj. you don't need a shower-cam, remember the showers are outdoor and knowing this crew, there won't be curtains.

adds shower curtain to list

gjd is coming by too!

afkat, i can outdo your song, but won't in polite company.


To correct the record, I'm not terribly fond of the song. Frankly, I find it pretty much juvenile, kind of like kids writing dirty words on washroom stall walls for kicks.

I was just surprised that it was broadcast on regular radio, during the '86 Stampede, without the appropriate bleeps.

Afkat, it's David Allen Coe, a much-loved wacko; normally heard, down here, but not before Grandma goes to bed.

cg, shower curtain is already covered. I'm having fun with this.


Having never heard of him before, I googled him. Apparently, he's been a prolific writer/song recorder. Some of the titles of his "works" are....errrr...breathtaking...

cg: Since when have we been polite company ????

Coe was already a legend, back in the 70s when I first heard him. The song you linked was a novelty tune, but all of his stuff is very edgy. His stuff is extremely popular, amongst those that know of him. Among the really edgy Country folks like Haggard, Cash, Paycheck, or Nelson...Coe was the guy out at the very edge.

The song you posted was a fun, novelty song of his, done as a fake square-dance tune. Har! None of his stuff was SFW, but that one became very popular, as a dance tune. I never saw him, except in really seedy bars with carpets full of cigarette burns and beer stains. He runs with a very rough crowd, but I admire him and he has written some amazing songs.

Where's everyone going and why don't I know about this? :)

WHOA! I just listened to the *song* and I'm shocked that they'd play it on any radio station without *beeps*. The f word is the most used word in the song, and I hope I misunderstood him and that he was NOT saying gdJews.

When I was a younger, Coe lived a block over from us. He had a black Fleetwood with fins with David Allen Coe written in lariat script on the fins. The neighbors got irked because he used to park his tour bus in the circular drive in front of his house. It caused quite an uproar.

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...a younger... what, jug? ;)

Who is Glenn Johnson and why do I want to kill him ??? Siouxie ??? Machete, please ???

El, you did not mis-hear. I have always thought that was exactly what he was saying. I think jug is from Texas and that gives it some gray-area, but he's definitely prejudiced and a bigot. I wouldn't say he's a racist, as in White-Supremacist, but he's definitely closed-minded.

A guy like Coe has a hard time deciding whether he's a Hell's Angel (West Coast) or an Outlaw (Tampa); but he certainly has no use for anybody in-between. He's not so much an anachronism as he is somebody, literally, from the past. He was this way, 40 years ago, but everybody else died off and he's not into drugs or alcohol the way they were. I don't know for certain that is the lyric, but I have always thought so.

For the record, if he and I ever had a beer, I would whack him with his walker before I got him another beer. I hang out with Outlaws and Mafia and the Black gangs, because it is part of living in large towns in the south, but I don't put up with their crap. You'd be surprised at the extent to which nobody has ever just stood up to people like that and said, "Oh, just stop." I know. The "Outlaws" played at my brother's wedding and I have close friends within them, but I just read about two Hells Angels sneaking around an Outlaw's camp outside of Sturgis that are now indicted for murder. I often feel as if I have to grab big, mean guys by the ponytails and bonk their heads together. Talk and laws and stuff don't work. They have to get to know you and then you can make some progress with these big dopes. There is no talking sense into the young ones, you just have to work on the older guys. As for the Angels and Outlaws, think about it; it's not about anything except, "Not my group."

Please don't take it personally. These guys will shoot turtles if they see them (Big Challenge!), until somebody knocks the rifle out of their hands and tells them to stop shooting turtles. Nobody in their lives has ever done that, before, so it takes time. You'd be surprised; most of them are just good guys that never had anybody tell them to stop shooting turtles.

I spent the best part of an afternoon getting to know an uncle before he learned I meant it about talking about people as groups, or to stop picking guns up out of the corner and handing them to me.

True story, he kept handing me long arms (not hand guns) and I kept wincing and saying, "Jesus! Is that loaded?" I don't know isn't a good enough answer, for me. Long story (Har!) short, I had him empty every one and we studied them. He didn't even know what they were, only what he used them for.

Blog question: does anybody (no Googling) know why an M-1 is a carbine or what a carbine is? I had always heard about it, or read about it, but why is a carbine different than a rifle? He and I know, now, 'cause I made him put those things away and then he and I spent the rest of the evening studying guns on the internet (much safer!) on his computer. Plus he doesn't hand me loaded guns, anymore. I come from a family that is very prejudiced, but I wasn't brought up that way by my parents. Nobody in my family uses bad words, to me, about any group. Or I might have to kick their ass. Except they are mostly bigger than me, but you get the idea.

So, getting back to the question of hearing fish, I can't find the actual Calvin & Hobbes strip, but there's this (scroll to bottom right).

Ya know, CJ, it's guys like you that give doofus's like us, hope in the world. I don't know the difference, but to my heart - just you're asking is enough for me ~ and God Bless You.

Thanks, CJ. Since I'm not a gun person I can't answer your carbine question.

At the court where I worked in a clerical position before I was a CDA we had a lot of Hell's Angels drifting in and out. The small town where it was located, east of San Diego had a large contingent of Hell's Angels and one of the most famous H.A. bars on the west coast. (I think it's still there.) So I dealt with some of them when they came in to court for various things, and defended some when I was a CDA. The ones with swastika tattoos kind of bothered me (!) but you just have to remove yourself and do your job.

Ooooh, Eleanor ! Doncha wish life was so easy ?? Wolf in sheep's clothing, double speak, self-denial, and endless other misfits of justice - it just gets to be sooooo much. As a student of WWII, I can see so many parallels - it scares me how much each of our global leaders could possibly send us into Armageddon before we have a chance to redeem ourselves ...

And since I thought my previous post would not register: I apologize for the weird "left-over" - but cannot, for the life of me, remember where, exactly, I was going with that - so even more apologies on my behalf !!! Yes, officially, I am a "tard".

And since I thought my previous post would not register: I apologize for the weird "left-over" - but cannot, for the life of me, remember where, exactly, I was going with that - so even more apologies on my behalf !!! Yes, officially, I am a "tard".

But not one twice, drives. :)

I'm outta here.

*zips out*

El, I got your front. I was born and raised overseas where just being an American got your @ss kicked; my best buddy was a Jewish guy and we are still close. @ 1976, when I was 16, I was hauled up out of a chair, taken out back, and beaten with rebar, until ordinary Jamaicans came to my rescue, risking their lives; the guys that were wailing on me were Jamaican government people. I will never forget the people that came to my aid.

Most Americans have never seen real adversity. America has always been a target; we act as if this is something new, but it isn't. Now that I am comfortably in my middle-age, it's easy to live in this country, but I make no excuses for my own family. Some are dumb, but none are dumb on purpose.

Carbines look like rifles, but they are short. The idea is, carbines can be carried by soldiers, so that they can move through jungles or tight city quarters. Rifles are long.

All my life, I had heard about 30 Ought Six ammunition as if it was something different, a bullet larger than 30 caliber; it isn't. 30-06 is a small, 30 caliber bullet, designed in 1906, to fit a short carbine. It was greatly resisted by WWII troops that knew about guns, but it is a lasting design. It turns out to be a very interesting story, for those that may be interested.

Meanwhile, so far, it sounds like we have 3 blogals and me for the camping trip/art show this weekend, so please leave a message.

OK, I'm clearly on a CJrant here, but I'm just in a mood.

Let's not boycott the Olympics, this year.

I was around, back in 1980 when we didn't allow our athletes to go to Moscow, because they had invaded Afghanistan. Think about the great atheletes that had to stay home.

We lost an opportunity for our best atheletes to go to Moscow and we ruined their dreams. Personal, CJrant opinion, we go to China and kick their butts on their home turf. I know politicians think they get to make this decision, but they are mistaken. Politicians are usually nothing but people that can't possibly get real jobs.

China has always had a brutal regime; let's bring on the funk. Personal opinion.

Night all.

LTTG, but ...

CJ ... an M-1 is not the same thing as an M-1 Carbine ... (the "shorter" description works fairly well, for a briefer explanation)

the cartridge used in the M-1 is the .30-'06 (which, BTW, wuz GREATLY accepted as early as pre-WW1 ... the M-1 rifle is whut wuzn't much thought of thru a large part of WW2 ... and the cartridge wuz NOT designed to fit into a "smaller" rifle ... that came later, when the Carbine wuz developed ... the "original" action designed to use the .30-'06 wuz the 1903 Springfield rifle ... a bolt-action, based on the Mauser design, that held five cartridges ... the later M-1 held eight cartridges ... the Carbine had sum variations, with magazines that held as many as 20 (or 30? I fergit right now) cartridges ...

the cartridge for the M-1 Carbine is .30 caliber, but is NOT the same cartridge as the .30-'06 ... it's shorter, partly to allow for a shorter action, thereby reducing the size of the entire assembly ...

the "size" concept is fairly accurate as well ... designated loosely as "better than a pistol, but not as good as a rifle" ... the Carbine wuz adopted to allow more mobility with less weight, both for rifle and ammo ...

Contrary to much propaganda and Hollywood exaggeration, most soldiers are not "excellent" markspersons, and the Carbine offered an opportunity for more "spray" shooting, with the hopes of hitting a desired target ... very few of the M-1 rifles were modified to allow full automatic firing, but that feature wuz more readily available with the Carbine ...

These .30 caliber cartridges were abandoned after WW2 and the arrangement of NATO ... when the "NATO" cartridge (7.62 mm, or .308 caliber) was adopted, with the theory that all NATO forces could use each others' ammo more easily ... later on, the switch to the M-16 (and variations) led to the adoption of the .223 cartridge, which offered sum "interesting" alternatives as regards ballistics, bullet behavior and still remaining within the tenets and principles of the Geneva Convention as regards "humane" firearms ... (there's definitely gotta be an oxymoron sumplace in there ... prolly right behind "miltary intelligence" ... eh?)

/TMI ... sorry about that ... but you did (sorta) ask ...

OtheU(manity), Thanks. I was wondering too. In no way TMI and I always wondered how tracer rounds, on the ground got past the talks.

... um ... mebbe they're the ones that aren't s'posed to hit people?

(Ya wanna know the "intesting" part of the ballistic characteristics of the .223 v. "conventionally accepted" bigger calibers?)

Actually, (frum omissions of longer post, above) ... if one wanted the .30-'06 in a full automatic version, the BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle) wuz the option most readily available ... the Johnson (IANMTU) wuz a later development, but since the War Department (not re-named to Dept. of DEFENSE until after WW2, I think) had already committed to the BAR ... which had a magazine that held 20 of the .30-'06 cartridges ... it (BAR) weighed sumthin' like 16-18 pounds, about twice that of the M-1, and it took a large soldier to carry and operate it effectively ... another variant wuz the .30-caliber machine gun, usually tripod or pylon-mounted ... I dismember if that also used the .30-'06 cartridge ... yet another option was the BOY rifle (I fergit that actual name for the acronym) ... it wuz a bolt-action, and fired the same cartridge as the .50-caliber Browning machine gun ... another weapon that took a strong GI to carry ...

The Carbine .30 cartridge was also much smaller in diameter than the .30-'06, very nearly a straight-sided case, as I recall ... rather like a long pistol cartridge ...

The Carbine was (reputedly) the weapon of choice of Audie Murphy, the most decorated US soldier of WW2 ...

That cartridge did not have the power, range, velocity or "punch" of the larger .30-'06, but it is arguable that a .30 caliber hole thru ones integumentary tissue did little to contribute to the well-being of most people who got in the way of one (or more) of the projectile ...

The .30-'06 cartridge also was available in tracer, armor-piercing and — I think — a couple of more options ... the Carbine ammo wuz generally only of the single "rock throwing" type ...

All "miltary" cartridges, by definitions based on the Geneva Convention, are "full metal jacketed" ... which (theoretically) means that the bullet will not "mushroom" on impact, and the hole produced will not be "inhumanely" enlarged by such characteristics as exhibited by "soft-point/hunting" bullets.

But how well does a black sea bass take a 30odd6 round?

With a single- or treble-barb hook?

*bravely resists "unladen swallow" commentary*

Umm, CJ? Why do you think I am prejudiced,a bigot and close-minded? Or were you referring to Coe?

And El, I meant when I was a younger jug

Hey, Jug, CYE. Mornin'!

Morning, juggie! *sends hot coffee and (((((jug)))))*

I was wondering the same thing. I don't know the dynamics of how you guys know each other -- if only on this blog or from other contacts -- but CJrun appeared, at least to me, to be exposing a few of his own biases. This blog is not the place for ANYONE to be casting character aspersions against other blogits. CJ, you were complaining about others who used this blog as an attack vehicle, so it surprises me that you appear to be guilty of the same offense only a few days after posting your complaints. However, if I misread your comments, then I apologize.

Hey, there, Tex! Trade you a cinnamon apple muffin for a cuppa that Hot Job. (Pronounced like the Biblical Job. That's what my daughter called coffee when she was little.)

snork @ Nurse Tammy

*helps self to coffee. Settles in to wait for Breast Cancer coalition to pick-up donatables*

Morning, Texgal. I don't think CJ was talking aboaut any blogpersons. I think he was talking abouat a singer, his family, & people he knows/hangs out with.


jug, ftr, I am MOST sure that CJ was referring to Coe and not you. Although I did not read the entire rant (I need a double espresso frapuccino cubano latte for that). I have NO idea who Coe is, btw. I just thought the song was funny.


Hey, bali, didn't see you here.


Morning, bali! *carefully hands bali a cuppa Hot Job, then snarfs the apple cinnamon muffin* Yummy!!!

Hey, Sio...that was my take, too.

*sips coffee, watching Morning Joe

i believe cj mistyped jug when he meant coe.

Maybe, but this quote makes me think otherwise:

{El, you did not mis-hear. I have always thought that was exactly what he was saying. I think jug is from Texas and that gives it some gray-area, but he's definitely prejudiced and a bigot. I wouldn't say he's a racist, as in White-Supremacist, but he's definitely closed-minded....} Posted by: CJrun | 11:14 PM on March 26, 2008

Maybe, but this quote makes me think otherwise:

{El, you did not mis-hear. I have always thought that was exactly what he was saying. I think jug is from Texas and that gives it some gray-area, but he's definitely prejudiced and a bigot. I wouldn't say he's a racist, as in White-Supremacist, but he's definitely closed-minded....} Posted by: CJrun | 11:14 PM on March 26, 2008


I was referring to the David Allen Coe Song!

The guy is a holdover and, in my opinion prejudiced (makes his mind up before he meets someone), although maybe not a racist (thinks his race is superior).

I made that comment because the song in the link way up there has a lyric that I believe Eleanor heard correctly. Jeez, jug, I hope yhou were kidding and you didn't think I was talking about you!


Tex...I thought he was talking about David Allen Coe in that post.

I think you have to go back to the whole conversation about Coe to get what he's talking about.

Morning CJ, pardon while I defend your honor.

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