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March 26, 2008


It is worsening.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Suburban New York police say a drunken driver had a suspended license and had marijuana in her car. Oh, they also say she didn't have any pants on.

Talk about "had a bad day"!

Sounds like a typical Saturday night in rural Texas.

New York's version of a crack down?

Wow...alcohol AND drugs were involved. Amazing.

One of my female high school classmates was working as a carhop at an A&W drive-in (which still offer free root beer to geezer bus drivers), which extremely old people remember would serve you your food by hanging the tray on your half open car window.

One day as she was hanging a tray on a guy's window he flashed her. In "shock" she dumped the whole tray in his lap, including bacon cheeseburger, hot fries, and root beer float.

I think they still have her picture on a plaque there.

{A telephone message left at her family's Centre home Tuesday night hasn't been returned.}

Jeez, I can't imagine why!

Doc, make that a slow Saturday night in rural Texas.

When I read this, I was reminded of a cretin... certain Pop Tart.

Nice, pad, especially the "hot fries" to the groinal area.

Earlier this month a Westchester County man was accused of using a doughnut shop's drive-through lane while not wearing pants. He's charged with public lewdness.

What kind of donuts did he order and what did he do with them? I mean, define "lewd".

Good point Tex. I was trying to give us a little bit of dignity where there weren't none. ;)

"Angelica from Long Island"
*eyeroll* I can hear her now..."Oh, my gawd! Don't tawk to me like dat, ya freakin' cawp! Where the f*wk are my f*wkin' pants?!!"

*snoawk* @ Annie!

*Removes pants from car antenna*

Heh, heh ... oops!

*Waves to Lairbo and gal*

I feel so good about being Southern right now...

SpamLamb - that too, will pass.

Yet another reason for Aunt Shelly to visit Florida and not Yonkers.

Say, didn't Dave grow up in Westchester County? And if memory serves, MtB works there. Hmmmm.

AWBH: So, you've seen the video? Maybe this could be featured on a Very Special Episode of "Cops" where, instead of being shirtless, those arrested are sans pants.

*applauds pad's high school pal!*

Lairbo - yes he did, and I grew up nearby. As for the video, I attended Albany State, daycare facility for Long Island, so I freakin' lived the video. :)

Everybody must get pantsless!

*tosses pants on blog couch*

She wasn't driving, operating a motorized vehicle(no mention of BOB) and anybody could have put the marijuana there, including the non-mentioned toilet attendant. What's the problem?

*folds Siouxie's pants neatly on couch*
Come on, now - Aunt Shelly is watching.

Um, Annie, do you know about a new Blue Collar tour coming up? "Cause that usually makes me hide my coy little Southern eyes in shame pretty quickly...

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