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March 25, 2008


Miss Bimbo

Here's the website., which features the term "registered Bimbos."

And while we're on this topic, here's a story about Britney Spears.

(Thanks to sjhaller, Jeff Meyerson and Keli Minick)


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What's next? Miss Crack Whore??

The internet is for educational purposes, the internet is for educational purposes, . . .

See? Pussy fallout fallout!

A sign of the apocalypse, and Britney Spears story, all in one: The Atlantic on Britney. Yes, that's right, The Atlantic, known for literature (Mark Twain, among others, wrote for the magazine) and political wonkery (see the current masthead, and all the articles about Clinton, Obama, McCain, and China) has an article. A cover story, actually, on Britney.

Truly, the end is nigh. Or neighing. Or something like that.

I'm waiting for Ms. Trailerpark.

OMG! I was all like, whatever when I saw that!

*Snork* @ MKJ!

Sioux, will this tide you over?

These stories aren't about Bimbo.

I can't help noticing it doesn't mention any underwear being included...

LMAO ellie, love it.

Steve- duh!

IIANMTU, I've got the TV on Sky News from London and as I was reading the intro to this thread, Sky was running the exact same story. How's that for a transatlantic simul?

So, oneblankspace, in Mexico bimbos are noted for making a lot of bread??

*snork* @ Steve!

Sioux, we have plenty of the real thing here in TX. *sigh*

I wonder if she can have a little dog?

Mot, that just goes to show that all you need to know in the world, is right here on this blog.

ellie, so sad but true. SIGH!

"The web designer from Tooting, south-west London,...."

Oh, Leetie! London calling .......

TMI . . .

"See also: Paris Hilton"

Please show proper respect: it's the bimbo EASTER edition!

Gee, thanks just the same Mr Jeeves, but I like these shakers a lot better...

SH: Take your pick . . .

What gets me is all these parents who are "outraged" that they find their children are doing less than savory things when left to themselves on the world wide interweb. Someone needs to gobsmack some parents. I can't believe they aren't embarassed to admit that.

*volunteers to do the gobsmacking*

I agree, Lizzy. What the hell do they THINK is out there??? Humor blogs??


Siouxie, I have to say I certainly would ban my childrens from this blog until they were thirty two.

I hear ya, Lizzy. We don't want to scar our kids for life.

No we want to do that, just like our parents got the joy of doing that, we just don't want people on the interweb to know of it.

That's a fine line, Wench. After all, they eventually pick our retirement homes.
As for Britty-bimbos, I really don't mind them much. They make it so much easier for me to shine. At least to the thinkin' guys. :)And that's all that matters.

Annie, it's the shiny strappy sandals ;-P

oooooooooooo something shiny!!!

You're right again, Siouxie. Shiny!

there's a version fot LotR fans, called 'Bimbo Baggins'...


Annie, why are they (bimbos-trailer-trash-hoes) always named Britney??

Cause their mommas have no imagination whatsoever. Hence the genetic stupidity carries on and on and on. Sigh. Darwin still has some work to do.

Figures. Gotta put some more bleach in the gene pool.

*Hands Sioux the economy mega vat o' bleach*

Gracias, Tex! That's more for me, less for the bleached-blonde-bimbos.

What, there are 'unnatural' blondes? Say it ai't so!

tosses ^ n for ain't

Hate to break it to ya, Tex. Butt...the drapes don't match the carpet (iycmd).

Yeah, I hear ya Annie!

Am I the first one to think Registered Bimbos would be a good name for a band?

Am I the first one to think Registered Bimbos would be a good name for a band?

You're the first AND second, Andy.

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