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March 26, 2008


This is such an example.

(Thanks to Keli Minick and Baron vonKlyff)


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This sounds like one of those ..."you might be a redneck" stories.

Do you mean installing the dish or shooting his wife, Dave?

I'm going with the dish, Jeff. It's the reason I didn't send this particular story in. I have standards.

Standards are good Siouxie. Especially if they are low enough to easily step over.

This story just gave my ex-wife an excuse to off her current husband. I haven't checked lately but I believe she's all the way up to hubby #5.

hey Doc, i'm done with hubby #5 and i personally, did not off any of them. they only wished they were dead.

My only surprise is that this did not happen in Beaumont.

Rick, you should send it to HIM. Not that I would condone offing anyone. At least not without a good alibi and hiding place for the body.

juggy?? know any rich old dudes???

wicked?? the operative word being personally, huh?? Smart woman.

I am delighted to know that my standards are lower than Siouxie's.

Just don't look up my skirt, Baron.

Hey Tex, I sent in some doooooozies from the Beaumont paper, but they must have been too tasteless for this blog.

Got ir done?

Were they sold out of drills at the Home Depot?

Got her on the 2nd shot. Not bad for a Texan. They fail to mention he was shooting thru the skylight.

I was at my friends' wedding rehearsal recently and I was asked if I was next. Now I'm wondering if they meant married or buried. Whimper.

SpamLamb - same thing.

Rule number #4: Never stand between a man and his television, Rule # 8420344.7: Never stand between a man and his wall.

Snork @ Annie!

So, what's all the fuss? He apparently succeeded in drilling the hole, just as planned...

"Normally we would charge him with manslaughter, but DIY projects involving wiring are a special case, where you can expect to lose a few wives along the way."

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