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March 24, 2008


Man attacks wife with profiteroles

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Flinging Pastries WBAGNFARB.

First it says that he came home drunk, but then it states that he said she was Sozzled. So, which one is it. *danged shoddy journalism*

drunk "sozzled" and threw the popular cream-filled buns after an argument.

THAT's news? Sounds normal to me.

What a waste of a tasty dessert!

What a shame. They appeared to be having such a sweet relationship.

She's lucky he was a baker and not a butcher is all I'm sayin'

Did they have any kids? Who gets custardy?

Can this be considered sweet revenge?

pssssssst Mot?? left you a little present back on another thread hehe...

What about alimony?? I hope she gets a lotta dough!

i hate to be the one to point this out, but she's 55 and he's 38? niiiiiiiiiiiice. but not worth getting pastries thrown at you. i guess. probably. in most cases.

judi, you have something against cougars?

judi, I too, noticed the age difference and thought...sweeeeeeeet.


This is what happens when there is a pussy willow shortage. Happy D day.

Perhaps she was drinking to make him look better?

And what about the side column with weird nudes? Ah, England....

Speaking of popular cream-filled buns, is anyone out there planning to watch Britney Spears' guest shot on "How I Met Your Mother" tonight?

Flinging Pastries WBAGNFARB.

Didn't they open for Blackpool Magistrates?

obs, I'm sure Alien8 saw 'em and would say it was a "helluva show".

Steve, I 'll try to remember to watch. I've seen some of the clips and she looks ok.

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