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March 22, 2008


(Thanks to Matthew Hampton)


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Where's a Firewall when you need one?

I've got a gig for this guy. Mr. R is a bit of a packrat, and we've got lots of junk instruments in the garage that this guy could burn play.

Heck, I would pay to attend that show.

This beats Pete Townshend smashing a strat.

Shikawa Prefecture is the Florida of Japan.

Mr. Yamashita will next play a piano with his teeth, then overdose on heroin and choke to death on his own vomit.

I an old pair of Levis I want to sell to the Japanese for 9 figures. Didn't Jimi Hendrix burn a Geisha girl on stage at Monterey?

It was hardly a matchless perormance.

Guess he was torching the ivories.

*flaming snorks* @ Wench!

I,of course, thought this was about me....

Jazzzzie!! of course it is. You are OUR totally hot Jazz!!!

I've never really thought of Jazz as a performance art...

...but I guess whatever floats your boat (or burns it as the case may be).

*Didn't mean for this to be a 2 parter,just hit the button too soon. oops...

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