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March 24, 2008


Apparently Clyde is haunted.

(Thanks to Doc Rick)

This has been your Sandusky Region Update.


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While listening to a news report about Phil Spector, I debated making a pun about this story. But I realized I didn't have a ghost of a chance.

I hope they know enough not to cross the streams.

This isn't news. Come get me when we start seeing dogs and cats living together.

If word gets out about this, the place will become a ghost town.

HI , we're Buckeye State Paranormal & Haunting Investigators and we're here to help...

doesnt have quite the same ring to it....

It just makes so much sense that if someone dies of some horrible murder or violent death that they would be the ones condemned to be stuck for eternity haunting houses. The afterlife sounds great!

No, Clyde isn't haunted - the Buckeye State Paranormal & Haunting Investigators unit just presented a show lecture sampling of their work there. The audience was obviously impressed -easily so, I'd venture...

Spirits in the library? In Canada we're not even allowed to bring coffee.

Spirits in the material world? Someone call The Police.

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