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March 23, 2008


Never steal a doughnut van.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and queensbee)


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Don't tase my dough!

His mugshot showed a glazed look.

Like sleeping babies and dormant snakes, there are some things one just doesn't screw with.

Happy Easter anyway.

Can't fault the criminal, this time. I'll bet he was gobsmacked when they told him what the unmarked van contained.

Bet the evidence room will be a real popular place at the police station.

Here is a mugshot of the thief eating the evidence.

Owner: "Thanks for returning my delivery van, officers. You can have the day-old doughnuts as a reward."

Officer Homer: "Mmmm... doughnuts."

Oh, before I forget...

who is Scott and why is my name there? It isn't me...

Answer to your first question is the author of the 8:13 post. Don't know 'bout Kathy, though.

Thanks, Meanie! I'm a little older than them, though. I just turned 50!

psssssttt, SMGS - Siouxie's got something for your ancient rear end on the Happy Easter thread.

Oooh, thanks, Meanie!

*exit, stage left*

*oh, wait, somebody already claimed that*

Man, I'd love to have a copy of that video. I can't help but giggle imagining the sight of 6 cop cars chasing a doughnut van.

It's just wrong to bait them like that.

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