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March 27, 2008


The law is on their side.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Baron vonKlyff and Siouxie)


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When did Gingrich move?

Oh!! I have a potion recipe that calls for "eye of crested newt".

*packs newt net, straddles broom & heads east*

and how can we keep him from returning?

"Is it reasonable for us to just sit here and watch if the ditch floods our home again because there may be newts there?"

Yup, jug, I was thinking the same thing. England's loss is our gain.

*smoooch* @ Punkin!!! How are ya girl??

Would the law still be on their side if they were not-so-great crested newts?

Not much they can do when the newt is protected under the Biodiversity Action Plan ...

As I stated when I submitted this, and as everyone knows, Evicted By Newts WBAGNFARB

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