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March 23, 2008


A coin-laundry surveillance camera allegedly captures a man putting Ding Dongs in a dryer.

(Thanks to Matt Filar, who asks, "Who HASN'T" put Ding Dongs in a dryer?")


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Guys seem to put their ding dongs everywhere these days.

Have you ever line-dried a Ding Dong? Takes forever!

But a dryer could cause shrinkage I would think.

It is NOT an "Arkansas" thing......We use HoHos

Ding-Dongs in the Dryer sounds like a C&W song.

Jazzz...I'm sure you do. Btw, how is Twitney doing?

Maybe in that part of Arkansas, commercial clothes dryers are a sort of hillbilly toaster oven.

Although, who wants static cling on their Ding Dong.

*snork* Annie
HoHo= Twitney and Parass out on the town

Well, how else are you supposed to dry a wet ding dong?

Laura - you could blow it dry.

That's not how it works, Annie. Well, actually, I guess it depends on how long you work at it.

Annie, I was gonna suggest sucking it dry but that would have been unlady-like and you know how much of a lady I am.

I do?
Oh, right. Sure. 'Lady.' Humor blog. Got it.

A FeDex from Arkansas?? Could he be perhaps the former Governor of that state?

Before his downgrading from other high positions (even impeachment)he seems to have a 'Ding Dong' 'FED'ish?

I'd check the washers, for blue dresses,as well...also a Cuban connection (A sneaky way to 'smuggle' and hide Havana Cheroots)

Felicia, those ARE her clothes in the dryer.....

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