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March 24, 2008


India offers firearms permits for vasectomies

(Thanks to Linda Pocatelli)


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They call this 'lateral thinking?' More like horizontal logic...

Shooting blanks with one hand, shooting real bullets on the other...seems fair

phew. I thought they were allowing use of firearms to DO the vasectomies. "Don't worry, this will only take a second."

A scheme that trades one male status symbol for another has achieved a large rise in the number of men undergoing vasectomies...

I would have thought it would have the opposite effect.

They got this exactly backwards.

Um .... When outlaws get vasectomies, only outlaws will have guns .... wait, no ... when guns are outlawed, only babies will have guns ..... er, can't be .... when babies get vasectomies, outlaws will ....

2-way population control - how creative!
*rolls eyes {towards Meanie}*


OK, so it's better to shoot people than to have babies?

BTW, many thanks for the birthday wishes guys, as today is still a holiday over here (neener, neener), I've been doing all sorts of other things rather than being cooped up indoors bent over the computer.

This is not the way to celebrate (Happy) Dyngus Day.

Mot, you can go back to the Easter thread and get your spanking. *smooch*

Somebody lose this?

Hey, that's mine!

That's called double population control.

D-lited beat me to it!

Thanks Meanie!!

"My girlfriend rolled her eyes at me,
I picked them up and rolled them back...
It's tragic..."

Wench - great minds!!!

D-lited to think alike!

That's gonna make it difficult to cash in on this offer if it's still available ...


That's one thing I don't get. In Europe, they're paying people to have kids, in Asia, they're paying them to stop. Couldn't they just get the Asians to move to Europe?

Ah, well.

Don't say I didn't warn you!

And don't give me any line about an icecicle, either!

{There are hopes that a vasectomy “mega-camp” planned for next month will draw in another hundred or so}

Hmmmm, must be time for the 'big guns.'

dont stop them - there could be darwin awards here!

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