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March 24, 2008


Garfield minus Garfield.

(Thanks to sjhaller)


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And it's just as funny!

I KNEW there was something too muchy in there!

Better now.

(And more lasagna for ME!)


Camus, who knew?

I don't get it; ergo, I must be sane.

There's a funnier one where Garfield is just silent, like a real cat. Garfield has taken a lot of criticism for staleness lately, leading to the new storyline of Jon actually having a love life.

(ditto, meanie)

*silently laughing*

Actually I was tipped off to this strip by an article in Time. It was created by Dan Walsh, 32, of Dublin, Ireland. I have no idea if it was sanctioned by Jim Davis, or if he even knows of its existence. Writes the Time columnist, "All you see is a lonely and apparently demented Jon Arbuckle wandering an empty landscape of countertops and refrigerators, lasagna and coffee", adding "If you still doubt the awesome power of the Internet, consider this: it has the power to make Garfield funny again" ...

This is just so sad. :-(

*looks around at all the people pretending they never do the things they do when they are all alone*

this was hysterical! thanks! is odie real,though?

So, what's next? Charlie Blank? Rose is Not? Nilbert?


I think this is brilliant!

*Agreeing with Wench's perceptive post*

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