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March 24, 2008


Some of you, if you have no lives whatsoever, may recall that last year this blog visited the San Francisco Exploratorium and encountered a drinking fountain made out of a toilet, which illustrates the fascinating scientific  principle that there is a lot of drug use in San Francisco. Here is a photo from that visit:
Now we have received an email from Andy the TropicHunt.com Guy™ who reports that he recently visited the Exploratorium and viewed this exhibit. Notice that Andy is getting a lot more intimate with the toilet than we did. We just hope he was wearing protection.


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So much for Andy's gig at the kissing booth.....

Clearly the result of a double-dog-dare or Andy lost the office pool.

See, this is why I only stop by the blog once every few months. The whole thing is going to pot.

Did Dave take the toilet seat?

Eeeew! Andy & my dog drink at the same watering bowlhole!

*Notes that The Blogging Cheryls WBAGNFARB*

*Books trip to Sacred Exploratorium toilet/water fountain*

Eeew, too!

(crosses toilet fountain off list of must see items)

Oooo...I don't feel so good...*wobbles a bit and then falls over*

I must confess that one thing that always makes me cringe is when I'm drinking from a public water fountain and I hear a toilet flush and the water pressure in the drinking fountain drops.

Now I KNOW which way the water flows, etc., but somehow it doesn't help.

Andy, now we know where your mouth has been.


Hey, Siouxie, c'mhere for a big kiss on the cheek...

Errrr...that doesn't sound entirely right in this context...



Andy, this is GREAT! Love seeing the real photo. Hahaha!

Dave you look a little yellow after having taken that gulp.

Hey, nobody seems to mind getting intimate with the porcelain when it come to tossing one's cookies.

If you don't mind combining your toilet with other options, then this is for you...

Andy, we hardly knew ye.

Well at least they're not dunking the Oreo.

Now Andy, if all your friends decided to drink out of a toilet, would you drink too?!

It's still more sanitary than kissing Paris Hilton.

You're sure it's not a bidet?

That's where I should have taken ExMatt when he was visiting San Francisco....

20/20 hindsight, Jan!

ewwwww. that is all.

*5^ snorks* @ Merri and the wiz!

*Notes dyslexic event*

Make that: *^5 snorks* @ Merri and the wiz!

Ugh. The water coming from that "fountain" even looks yellow.


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