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March 25, 2008


The gophers are winning in Canada.

Key Quote Indicating That Some Guys Have a Plan That Is Probably Not Going To Work Out The Way They Expect: Despite a ban on fires in the tinder-dry area of Springbank, just northeast of Calgary's city limits, two men went into a field to kill gophers using a device called a Rodenator, fire officials said on Monday.

(Thanks to Corey Smith and sjhaller and Siouxie and Baron vonKlyff)


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When Redneck foreplay goes bad.

*snork* at Texgal.

Caddyshack, eh???

Rodenator??? Sounds like something that Carl Spackler might use on the "varmint-kong."

What an incredible Cinderella story...

*sneer* Amateurs!

Propane, Oxygen, tunnels, beer(western Canada,(trust me on that one), explosion... who could'a' guessed?

Exactly, Siouxie!

Isn't the Rodenator the featured item on the new Wendy's(™) commercials?

I think we all thought of the same thing when reading this one, Jeff.

Maybe they should try the new Spicy Rodenator ... !

Don't we have enough visual proof that this was a bad idea? I guess the men will receive total consciousness on their death bed. So they've got that going for them, which is nice.

Bob and Doug Mackenzie ride again, eh?

Was it the Acme brand Rodenator? Accept no substitutes. Wile E. Coyote was nothing if not persistant, God bless him.

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