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March 25, 2008


Man Accused of Driving Into Post Office

Key Quote Indicating Some Kind of Deep-Seated Consumer Dissatisfaction: Adams said Sparling had damaged a post office previously, and the sheriff said Sparling had a history of damaging postal buildings.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Shockingly, DWI was involved!!

He seems like the perfect post office employee. Anyone hiring?

You think it's bad now, wait till the last minute idiots pull up at the post office with their tax forms!


Exactly, what's the problem, officer??

So if he uses two cars, is that "parallel parking" ?

Y'all wore me out. I'm going to bed now. Say funny things for me!


*smooooochies* ddd!!!

My car was rear-ended recently at a post office. I now realize I was protecting the post office from damage. Do I get free stamps now?

Dang! so the mail was a little late, live with it.

'Night ddd!

So, post offices are NOT drive-thrus, then?

"Funny things"
(How was that?)

That gives "going postal" a whole different perspective.

LOL Lizzy, I was thinking that too. Going "postal" in a mobile way - sort of speak.

What a waste of a classic sports car! He couldn't just find some old jalopy to crush?

Why waste any cars, Diva? Just hotwire one of those mail trucks. It's what I always do.

Much better, Elon!

Morning, Diva. I threw yah a return smooch way back in "Death" thread.

Erb, you might consider a rear-end condom to be worth the expense before you return to the post office. Just sayin'

Aw, Tex. I'll go peek! :D Nice to see you this morning.

And OUCH re: the rear-end condom!! Guess those lines are a little tighter than I remember. :D

Hillary Clinton remembers going to that post office and having to run for her life with her head down.

Admit it, everyone - who hasn't been tempted to floor it and take out a wall? Or run your fingers through the icing on your birthday cake? Or discharge a revolver on a plane?

And yes, I'm on my way to the pharmacy right now, so I'll bring back enough for everyone.

Or whack something with a very sharp object??


*hides the machete*

Just took all my meds and then some I'm good, Annie - thanks.

Um, Siouxie...I was referring to half-price Easter chocolate, but the blogboys and I are very happy to hear about your meds.

*zips in*

I can always use a little extra, Annie. I'll be waiting. :)

Dibbs on all the bunny ears. I is a klassie broad and likes to specialize.

um...yeah..chocolate's what I meantasay...yep.

la la la

El - I'll have it shipped to you via UPS, since he's your cute delivery man du jour.
*texts Siouxie some endorphins*
Texgal - you got it, especially since I'm no longer an ear fan...I just read something about Easter bunny earwax. *shudders*

Thanks, Annie!!!! Bunny earwax is considered to be a Texas condiment. However, human earwax is sometimes thought of as a delicacy by the Texas mullet sporting crowd.

I thought Rocky Mountain Oysters were bad, but Beaumont Barnacles....eeeewwww...

*borrows El's zipper*

chortle...endorphans, a new variety of dolphan.

working from home has its advantages, but not having time to blog ain't one of them...

ddd - Charlie Sheen was trying a new drink last night - Nyquil + Scotch. He called it the Green Hulk.


*back to work*

*mega snorks* for Beaumont Barnacles, which could also be a local team mascot or STD.

Or both. (ty, Texgal)

A Beaumont team mascot COULD also be a STD. Might even be a natural progression up the evolutionary ladder.

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