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March 25, 2008


...soon you'll be able to find out more about Dave's World - in this case, a mythical place where Dave (albeit a much taller version) drives down to the newspaper office to hand over his column, in a manila envelope, to his editor. Who never, btw, not ever, looked like this.

(Thanks to the all-knowing, all-seeing Bert Franquiz)


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Mean, Judi! Mean!

Yay, Dave! Yay for DVD!

Please blog this again as a reminder. Loved Guide 2 Guys DVD!

Senator, is that you?

I'm looking forward to it. I used to lave that show when it was on. In fact, it's what introduced me to "the Blog".


Aw, phooey, Scott. I wanted ta be frist! ;-)

(psst - How's mom doing so far, Scott?)

oopsie. I meant "love" that show.

I laved it too.
Wait, no, didn't see it.

are you people licking your televisions?! hmmm... kinky :P

*turns away from TV, wipes drool off face*

Uh, what, judi? No! NO! Uhm, I just have a ... a ... a sore tooth - that's it!

Dave won a Howitzer tank award? Florence Henderson is mentioned in the same breath as Dave?

Colonoscopies? Will Vin Diesel make an appearance?

CJ - I can't put my finger exactly on why, but it's just wrong that you used the words "diesel" and "colonoscopy" in one sentence.

Harry Anderson used to do magic tricks here in Austin on the Drag down by the university in the '70s. I laved loved watching him in Night Court and Dave's World. It was a kick when Dave guest-starred in the show about himself. Thanks, judi, for letting us know about the upcoming DVD.

That used to be my favorite show. I was not happy when it went off the air.

I had to look it up too, MKJ. I'll NetFlix it.


Have you blogsters been wiki'ing Dave's Wikipedia entry? I googled "OIYDWYMTTY(NY)G" and it led me to Dave's page, which referred to Beth as his second wife. Now she's listed as his first. Which leads me believe he had a trip to Vegas in the 60s he doesn't want to remember/doesn't want us to know about

*suspicious contemplating*

/end OT

My first experience at a sitcom writers' table was for Night Court. Wonderful people, constantly topping each other's jokes. D@mn them in the best possible way.

Holy cow, Annie, did you write for Night Court?

My all-time favorite lines from Night Court:

Christine, when it was suggested she'd had "enhancements," pointed at her ample chest and said, "Hey! These are factory originals!"

Mac, completely surprised about something, said, "Well, pinch my toes and call me a jelly doughnut!"

dave's world! dave's world! party time! excellent!

never mind...

JD - a little. I was petrified and just learning how to pitch lines. In the dog court episode, one of the characters, the lady lawyer, has my maiden name, in a little 'hello' gesture. One of my all-time fave trips was with the NC writers on a the 'Bloody Mary' train ride to Del Mar to bet the ponies. Missed the trifecta by a nose. And hurt my sides laughing at all their jokes there and back.

*snork* @ crossgirl. This blog at times resembles a writers' table.
D'oh, Dave's blog, a humor blog....

Aha! I just knew Annie was a pro!
*note to self-becareful when crossing pens with Annie. After all, it was a pro who brought down Spitzer.*

Re: Refers to songs and puns

iggy - I'm not a pro. I only play one on this blog.

A horse loses at Del Mar and the punbender said, "Why the short face?"

"I only play one on this blog."
Said the spider to the fly.

way to go, bert!

bwahaha, iggy. I can't think of a better way to go, though, no?
CJ - Cecily and I both missed the tri. She called her dad on the way home complaining about it. He was big into horseracing. Her dad was Don Adams from 'Get Smart.' Sometimes it's a really small world out here.

Hey, Mot, got your ears on? Please just keep her and feed her to the insects.

Ooo, ooo, did she say "Dad, I missed it by that much!"?

CJ -yes, she did. Did Paris really say 'West Africa is a great country?' You're right - no backs. Keep her, Mot.

He's on the cover of Southwest magazine this month. And I always thought 99 was more the cover girl type.

Hi guys! My POS antique computer is about to have rigor mortis set in. This is my virgin blog post on my new baby. Be gentle, as she's still tight.

Girl, hope it's a good new baby for you! :D







How's that Tex?

*borrows El's zippity do da*

Annie, I believe she (Paris/blonde/bimbo) also said that she "loved the accents". She is really profound, ain't she??

*zips out to keep watching Idol*

Me too. Gotta get a mouse, cause the laptop one duth completely sucketh.

*zips back to send Tex some KY for the tightness*

*snork* @ juggie! Thanks for easing your way in.

Just trying to be considerate.

Ah Sioux, thanks!

Ok, I am happy for Dave that this show is on DVD, but gotta say, I thought the Mrs. in the show was pretty hot. So I am doubly happy. At least.

OT - as if! I thought this was kinda funny. All the action's in the first few seconds.(the white car driving past in the background was just stolen..)

Texgal, I just got a laptop in January and I bought a mouse too. I'm just not coordinated enough to use that square thingy.

bill - the real Mrs. Blog is way hawt, less bimbo. Honest.

Way hawt, less bimbo? That sounds like a Barbra Streisand version of a Miller Lite commercial.

Note to Annie: CNN video links sucketh; they appear to rotate quickly away from whatever. I just got to watch Mahdi losers dancing about and it wasn't Dancing With The Stars.

Other Gals: Make yourself try, at least half the time, using the Track Pad (square thingy). I have mouses and a great Track Ball, but use nothing besides the Track Pad now; it rocks, once you get used to it. I hate when I'm helping somebody else with their computer and I have to revert back to a cluncky, sloppy mouse.

I'm with you, CJ. I had a mouse, but chucked it. Love my laptop.

Track pads rock!

wireless trackball for me, CJ. Just HATE the touchpad.

Old farts like me still enjoy the rodents.

Diva, it's all about progress.

Butt, in a good way. Some progress has a suck factor so extreme as to invite surrender.

Okay, then. Stance on pizza? BIG fan of the thin crust, bacon chheseburger from Pizza Hut.

*zaps back for a moment*

Having met Mrs. Blog many times, I will have to agree with Annie. She is way hawt, and I say this with total confidence in my femininity. She is also smart and a brilliant sports writer person. Dave is one lucky man!

*zaps out again*

Well, bali, that depends on the circumstances. Thin crust is good, but the beer needs to be very cold to really appreciate it.

If the beer isn't extra icy cold, then medium crust is better.

And if the service is slow, or the keg ran dry, its time to switch gears and go for Mexican or a steak

Star Pizza in the Houston Montrose (think San Francisco Castro area) -- anything they serve.

Steak: sirloin, medium rare, my cows, my grill. Right there with ya on the beer factor.

There is a place across the street from me that sells it by the slice. $2.50/slice. Very handy to have on those nights when you don't feel like cooking or had to take the later flight home. Cheap, and good, but the crust isn't thin so bali might not like it.

I can do medium crust if there isn't too much sauce. And I adore white pizza, do they have that, Jug?

That's the ticket Bali. Put some cracked peppers on it, fire up the Weber and then you know that is exactly what God had in mind when he invented charcoal.

Steaks -- so rare they still might be walking.

Steaks -- so rare they still might be walking.

bali - I'm coming down for steak one of these nights! You like it like I do. :D

Pizza - A few choices: Chicago-style stuffed pizza (2 crusts); thin pizza margherita with hot oil; and Quattro's meat lovers with spinach in Carbondale, IL. DIVINE.

You want 'em walkin' on two legs, Tex?

This place isn't a heavy sauce place. I'll ask about the white pizza next time I go. The folks behind the counter aren't too sophisticated. I may get "No sir, we cook 'em first" as an answer.

*Quattro's foodgasm*
dangit, they're thousands of miles away...

I had a steak last week that I swear a good vet could have saved it.

1)thin crust
2)like playing with the ball (I use touch pad on the computer)

Steak: rare enough, a good vet could bring'em back.
The white sauce is alfredo. Add grilled chicken, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes and bacon...heaven.

'Scuse me a minute.

JUG! I swear I was writing that as you wrote!Woohoo! Call me when you're single. Seriously.

Jug, so it was overcooked??? (by my standards)

bali - steak does not make a good Bob. Or so I've been told....

Tex, tartare is more your style, I think.

A steak simul with bali. That calls for a martini.

Steak is pretty good cooked on a sharp stick with veggies. No place to put the batteries though.

Batteries schmatteries, friction is our friend!


Well, there is that Tex.

Ya'll are gonna make me blush.

Make mine dirty, Jug. Like me Christina Aguilera.

bali, cooking must get pretty interesting where you are.

jug, I'd pay money to see that! :D One martini, comin' up! (I'm the girl in the glass - NOT!) ;D

Everyday, Tex. Everyday.

You got it bali. Blue cheese stuffed olives?

Um, that would be one martini! Sheesh.

Yes, please, Jug.

Hey, Diva, how'd you get my Christmas card photo?
(and that explains the scuba...)

You would pay to see me blush Diva? That's good cause I could use the extra cash for a down payment on a new car.

We are talking big bucks here, right?

Wow, bali - that's some scuba gear!

I think Diva must have been doing some B&E when you weren't looking bali.

jug, you'd so be worth it! ;-)

*bats eyelashes*

Who, ME?!


Lemme tell ya, Diva, if I could be a Mermaid, I would. e-mail me you addy and I'll send you some of my u/w photos. I love the sea.

You are gonna send Diva some of your underwear photos bali? Some girls have all the luck....

Elebenty O'Clock racin' at me and you guys are talkin' pizza (whatever, anchovies please) and steaks (black on the outside, pink inside, just like my heart). Not fair! Too late for me to even glance at the kitchen! No! Don't you dare go in there....

[good thing I have the last Thin Mints on the coffee table]

Bali you would have loved this shop I saw in New Hope PA over the weekend. They had a 6' tall wooden carved mermaid among other things (including a very tiny dress and heels on a male mannequin, but that's a different story)

CJ, those dang Keebler Elves make Grasshopper cookies, just the same as Thin Mints. Sorry...

bali - I just send you a test email ya. I'm not sure it comes through from my address, for some reason. If there's a problem getting it, click on my name on THIS post. I'm leaving my email on it for this one.

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