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March 25, 2008


They need their rest.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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She should have yelled, "Honey, cricket's on TV." Or something British like that.

he either had too much to drink or way better drugs than i have.

He thought it was just the jukebox in the bar, playin' "Having Your Baby"

Go ahead, say it, get it over with, only good for one thing yada yada yada ...

We used to do the "Headless Chicken" back in college...

I'll bet this isn't the last time he hears about this

I'd have had the baby right on top of him. Yep. Gross but necessary.


He was faking it, some guys just gross out at the thought of childbirth.

Wowsa - 5-way!

NOW I need my rest.

Aaaand, the winner of our "New Father of the Year (So Far)" award goes to...

6 even!

*passes cigarettes to simul partners*


Thanks, Betsy!

Obviously, he was busy building manly muscle mass.

That must be some kind of record Sooz. A 6 way simul. I've heard that it's more fun in groups.

Mot, I'm sure it is. I don't remember being part of a 7-way or higher. Group grope blogging is way more fun!

Yeah, he was "asleep" and not cowering in the corner crying.

Sioux...plus you don't have to shave your legs.

Got that right, Betsy.

Jeez, talk about an earwig.

to make up for this he'll have to:

a) bring the baby to her when it needs feeding, changing, etc.

b) get up every time it cries during the night

c) grow breasts and start lactating

LOL insom.

d) he will need to menstruate for her

e) he will have sex with himself when HE wants sex

The possibilities are endless!

This wasn't the same woman they just detached from her boyfriend's toilet after 2 years, was it?

'Cause if so, that's one heck of a long gestation period...

It's a good thing he wakes up to the sounds of his baby crying because I believe that this officially puts him on dight time diaper duty. Forever.

So, they didn't want to keep her in hospital because she had "8 or 9 hours to go"? So much for socialized medicine!

Oh, and: "she had been shouting... from the bathroom which is at the far end of the pub from the bedroom". So now "pub" is another word for "home". Rhyming slang, maybe?

So ... the baby weighed " ... 71 b. 3 oz. ... " ... eh? (that certainly appears to be a number "one", rather than an "L" ... but then, p'haps that's merely me ...)

Wowser, I think ...

How much is that in metric?

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