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March 25, 2008


Stowaway Snake

(Thanks to Keli Minick and Siouxie)


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Dang!! I emailed this one about 30 seconds ago!

Traveling with pets can be an adventure.

Suitcase Snake is not a really good euphemism, but if it was coiled in the slack, then it would make for a good trouser snake joke.

ddd, gotta git yer butt up earlier!!! ;-P

What a wuss...it was a baby snake.

I'm a little confused. Are juvenile canebrake rattlers usually identified with a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher? Or did the snake have the carbon dioxide fire extinguisher? Either way, I have to say that more coffee would be great.

*pours Meanie a double-cafe-latte-fracubanccino*

Siouxie I've been up since 1pm yesterday. I'm getting ready for bed!

Now what did I do with that nuclear BOB?

Ackkk, ddd!

Turn off the lights and see what glows.

Man, that does it! I ain't never gettin' on no m-----f------ plane no more ! You guys are all m-----f------ crazy !!

Now you know why the pilots are carrying guns on the planes...

(hmmm, thought I threw a up there ??)

Tilt your head, I find you can read it better...

*wonders why the lights keep blinking and what that strange glow is*

for those that are interested, it isn't that baby snakes are more poisonous, it is that they are more likely to bite, and bite multiple times, hang on and get as much venom in as possible. An adult usually runs away, or may even give a dry bite (no poison) - the poison is the same in adults and babies. It hurts either way.
And like meanie, I want to know how the snake was carrying the extinguisher. Did he have a pocket or something? and wouldn't the coach have notice the extinguisher in his luggage and thought, "I wonder if there is a canebrake rattlesnake with that extinguisher."
But, for those who don't like flying, they probably didn't fly from Virginia to South Carolina. The snake couldn't have gotten the extinguisher on the plane without it being in a one-quart plastic bag. Besides, it was the ROWING coach ... they probably went to SC in a boat.

Snakes on a Rowboat is not AGNFASequel.

Perhaps he should force the team to do a few less push ups in the future just in case.

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