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March 25, 2008


Suspicious pants point police to massive find

(Thanks to Matt Filar and Mark Carlson, who says, "Same thing with my toddler.")


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Those plonkers probably thought the badges were bling ...

....or are you just glad to see me?

Is that an anti theft device or are you pleased to see me.

Betsy, was good for you?

Betsy, was good for you?

Honey?? Do these badges make my butt look big??

Botfocked again, right after a good simul.

Mot...It was good for me the first time AND all the other times:)

Guys, what is going on with that crane in Miami?

*sits back and waits for the Elvis parody*

*taps foot*

Any time now...Ducky?? Meanie?? insom? Annie? Stevie?

Mot! Belated birthday greetings! I hope you had a wonderful day.

I'm wondering if the coathangers being still in the shirts they were wewaring also raised police suspicion.

Thanks JD. The best part was when we skyped my daughter in Colorado and little Millicent (3 and a bit) sang happy birthday to me.

*reaches up, grabs extra "w" and saves it for later*

Mot, that must have made your day. Hope someone got it on video.


Har!, at the Elvis song reference.

It just read something and figured out BoscoH's 2:19 post.



The way she moves her hips to her fingertips
I feel Im heaven bound
And when she starts to sway, Ive gotta say
She really move the grass around

Rock-a-hula baby
Rock-a-hula baby
Got a hula lulu from honolulu
That rock-a-hula baby of mine

Although I love to kiss my little hula miss
I never get the chance
I wanna hold her tight all through the night
But all she wants to do is dance

I bet that she could teach the palms along the beach
To sway when breezes blow
And birds up in the sky could learn to fly
By watchin how my baby can go

I'm caught in the back
I can't get out
Because I stole way too much baby

Why can't you see
What you're doing to me
When you don't believe a word I say?

We can't go on together
With suspicious pants
And we can't build our defense
in suspicious pants

So, if an old friend I know
Drops by to say hello
Would I still see suspicion in your eyes?

Here they go again
Asking where we've been
You can't see these tears are real
I'm crying

We can't go on together
With suspicious pants
And we can't build our defense
In suspicious pants

Oh let our frerdom survive
Or take those tags from your thighs
Let's don't let a good thing die

When honey, you know
I dropped a dime on you
Mmm yeah, yeah

YAY!! I knew some brilliant person would come up with it!

*WAVES pants @ Hammie!!!!*

(already waved the undies earlier)

*waves WonderWoman Underoos @ Hammie!!!* Very nicely done, Sir!

Excellent Hammond. I think I like that version better that the original.

YAY, Hammie! Excellent. *WAVES* You're quicker than I am!
Siouxie, my version is LTTG, and I like Hammie's better, but here you go:

We're caught in a trap
We can't get out
Because my pants are purloined, baby

Officer, please
You know, I just bought these
What? You don't believe a word I say?

Why don’t you just forget you
Saw suspicious jeans
And let us go on through
With suspicious jeans

So, if this cash in my hand
Dropped out just where you stand
Would I still see suspicion in your eyes?

Plastic tags, my friend?
You’ll still apprehend?
You can't really blame a bloke
for trying


Oh let us go, we’ll drive
I ‘ve got five kids you’ll deprive
Don’t make me do two to five

Now bobby, you know
I’d never lie to you
Mmm yeah, yeah

YAY @ Duckness!!! BOTH brilliant!!!

Thanks, both of you! It's actually one of my favorite songs by The KING.

doffs hat at the songsters!

Lennart Hornemark from the Skåne and Blekinge

Just couldn't let this go without saying,


Altho...Lennart Hornemark from Skane 'n Blekinge WBAGNFATechnoBand

Nice, Ducky! :)

BTW, "Suspicious Pants" WBAGNFA Dave Letterman subsidiary.

*Waves @ Siouxie!!!*

*Waves @ Diva!!!*

*Waves @ Wench Lizzy!!!*

*Waves & Flaps @ JD!!!* (my daughter just got back from SXSW)*

Hammie, how great for her! Did she avoid arrest have lots of fun? ;-)

Hammie, seems like she's doing great now! Good to hear that!

But what about the drunk driving lesson on the side?

Hammie, that's great news. Um, but what is SXSW? ;-)

*FedExes Hammie a shipment of !s*

Good job, songsters. That's for the hunka hunka burnin' earwig.
*waves new hat @ Hammie the gimpy kid's dad*

*snork* @ Annie!

butt...Coors???? UGH!

*waves back*

South by Southwest Music & Film Festival, aka SXSW. Lots of fun here in Austin during spring break!

I know, Sioux. All hat and no character.

Dang it! I now have "Suspicious minds" running through my head. AAARRRGHGGHHHHH!!!

Hi, ho, Silver.
We could always replace it with another song....although you may regret it.

Ducky, I've heard it's a HOOT!!

Annie, I agree. Another song may be worse. After all, it's a small...small world.

Yes,it's a world of earwigs, a world of fears...

*plugs ears, shouts*


It's a world of bimbos hoes and a world of bunny ears...


Hi jug!

Bye jug!

Quittin' time!! laters!

Please do not share
Your earwigs without care!


Afternoon, jug! *waves earwigs*

Jeeez, I step away for a bit, come back and discover that my pants no longer trust me. Guess I'll be frisked every time I put them on.

Hmmm, that could be very nice!

Hey, Jug, Diva! Looks like I got here at just the right time!

I'm sure my cousin Ernestine would volunteer, Tex.
Hi and Bye Siouxie.
Hi Diva.

Is cousin Ernestine a professional???

Hey bali! LTNS How have you been?

No, Tex. She just wears a lot of flannel.

Hey, Tex! Heard you diisin' the fine state of Oklahoma yesterday. ^5.

Jug, I'm great, just busy with scuba season and all. You?

I have been traveling bali, but now I am back home. (At least until Friday-then its off to Dallas for dad's wedding).

Yay for Dad! I'm just a couple of hours from Dallas, I'll wave at you from my treehouse. (Look north.)

Oh, cool for your dad. (Um, it is cool, right?)

What's ev'body drinkin' tonight? I'm too toasty in my office for the moment, so I will be having something light and icy.

The wedding is actually in Denton on Sunday. Stop by if you aren't busy. I am sure their will be plenty of alcohol. Plus, it would confuse the heck out of my dad and new step mom and that might be fun to watch.

Diva, dad turns 80 in a couple of months. Its probably a good thing. My sister is just happy that now someone else can remind him where he left his car keys, etc. I don't think, at that age anyway, there are shotguns involved. All in all, I suppose its good.

That would be fun, Jug! You're my kinda guy!

Diva, how's about a Tecate?

Noon Sunday. I'll send the address when I get it from my sister. You can wear your scuba gear, if you want to.

That works, bali. I found a couple just roaming the streets looking to get drunk. ;-) *groans in anticipation*

jug - more power to him if he wants to remarry at that age! My mom is in her early 70s and probably never will, but I would totally support it as long as I knew he would treat her well.

bali - you should so go to the wedding! Then y'all can send us pichers!

Why, Jug, is it supposed to rain Sunday? It does make me feel neat and trim, tho...

Scuba gear?!? Oh, I cannot WAIT for the pictures of this event. It might even make the Blog's front page!

Well, to be totally honest bali, I just thought a picture of you swing dancing in your flippers might be fun. Of course, if you would rather wear your boots, that's ok too. I would if I wasn't expected to suit up.

Oh! Now I understand better. I heard a story from a Marine that was in the same "Hotel" as McCain and he related that, when McCain had been brought back from "Excercise" they were placed in adjacent rooms. They talked, and when McCain learned he was a Marine, he said "I always wanted to be a Marine." The first said, "Hey, you were an Academy guy, you could have gotten into the Marines." McCain said, "I wasn't qualified; my parents were married."

BAD joke, CJ! Bad, bad joke!

(but how've ya been? i haven't seen yas in a few days.)


More apropos of the earlier "party pants" story, perhaps, but let's not forget about "the excitement of David Bowie" (actual marketing phrase from the trailer!) in Labyrinth, doing the "Pants, Tragic Pants" routine, as we call it around chez dances.

*sweeps up dance's linky poo*

Thanks, Diva. Not sure what the bot happened there!

It's weird - happens occasionally, I've noticed, but couldn't tell ya why! Hey, wait - you're the IT guy. You're supposed to KNOW why! ;)

"Suspicious Pants" WBAGNFARB, no? Except Letterman might sue...

Was David Beckham involved?

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