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March 24, 2008


If spanking is your thing, consider a trip to Hungary or Slovakia for Easter.

(Thnanks to Annie Where-but-here)


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FIRST to book trip!

So is it like with Easter candy, the day after Easter it's half off ... ??

Dyngus Smigus has been known to last for a week.

"Easter Monday carries a tradition of spanking and whipping"

hmmm.... it's still Monday...

I've got a problem. The airline will let me book a seat going over, but I can't get a stand cumming back.

Will they talk dirty to you?.....

Heck, I can get spanked here.... why do I need to go to Hungary?

In fact, I have a tendency to get spanked here whether I want it or not... sigh....

Will the Gang be there?

AD?? Do I need to get my hairbrush again??? ;-P

"In the morning, men throw water at the women and whip them with a homemade whip."

So, I guess Sunday is indeed the Last Supper.

JC ain't the only one rising on Easter (iycmd)

*stocks handbasket with beer*


I don't believe Spanking for Jesus was in the Bible....

Is spanking the small primate permissible?

Well, according to the bible, it's a don't ask, don't tell sort of thing.

I'm ready!

WTG, Annie, but I'm beginning to think you're a little too much into this spanking thing.
just sayin'.........

Nice luggage you're wagging, Sioux!

snork @ Siouxie and Great Picture, I might add.

The tradition is for Easter Monday, aka today, so....laissez les bon temps roulez!

Siouxie, for someone so into that sort of thing, you're incredibly organized.

Annie? lasso too??

*packs the rope*

(Thanks, Tex & daisy - I like to dress for the occasion ;-P)

You are such an animal.

LOL I love that.

Did someone mention the Last Supper ... ?

How 'bout just goosing?

Yes, Siouxie! I guess you need to break out the hairbrush....

I didn't need to sit down this week anyway....

Siouxie, wouldn't you be better served with a Craftsman roll-around toolbox to house your accessories?

It's lockable and everything. And much lower-profile than that black bag.

(Although I'd just love to watch you take your little black bag through airport security...)

Wes, all my "items" would be in a see-through plastic resealable bag. All good ;-)

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