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March 27, 2008


Whoa, that narrows it down.

(Thanks to scmommy)


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That can be hard work Bali. No wonder you are parched. Poor kitties

I'm an equal opportunity drinker, jug. I like beer AND wine, but not together. Whatever's closest will do.

cg has already put both of her feet down; no recliners. She explained that most of the folks just roll up in their vans, shove their stuff out and crawl back in to sleep. We were loading her stuff in the truck today and she said, "Huh. I need a truck." She didn't know that full size pick-ups have an 8-foot bed. Her usual huge load neatly tucked over on one side. All the rest is the stuff to amuse me, including the trailer full of toys. One of the bands isn't gonna be able to bring their Wash-tub Bass, she emails; I actually already have most of the tools and makings to build one there, loaded. I'm gonna have fun while she does...art stuff. I believe gjd and casey are coming as well, so there will be pics.

mmmmm....Cats is fun.

Slides Ducky a beer and another one to Bali (because 1 beer doesn't always cure 'parched')
CJ, sounds like you can make your own recliner once you get there

Thanks, bali! YUMMMMMM!!! It's one of my favorite desserts.

CJ, you're gonna have a blast. I'm so jealous! Well, you'll just have to be jealous when I'm at the Post Hunt with Jan and Andy and probably sthnbelle, too (and meeting the marvelous mudstuffin on the way). ;)

Ducky, all my stuff's blowing your way. Sorry. (DUCK!) Crazy wind...

Jug, the cats are fine. After all, they're armed. And my pup, at least, knows Satan 1 and 2 live under the bed. 'Nother beer, please.

Look how great minds think alike, Jug! You gotta keep me on your short list.

Satan 1 and Satan 2? HOOT!
Slides another beer to Bali

You are on the short list Bali. All 5'2" of you

Thanks, jug! But no short jokes--bali's taller than me.

The wind's been wicked here, too, bali. We're not in Kansas any more.

Hey, Jug, we're gettin' tight. Not drunk yet, but fairly tight.

Well, geez. The two of you make me feel like an Amazon at 5'4"!

Just how windy is it Bali? I have to fly down that way tomorrow and I don't like bumpy flights.

JD, the way it's blowin', even Kansas isn't in Kansas anymore.

I'll remind you later to take two Advil before bed then.

15-25 mph, Jug, which ain't much for you Chicago types, but it's flat here, so we get hit by flying cows alot.

And that's why there's a dent by the gas tank of my car. I did NOT drive off with the pump handle still engaged.

Oh that's not too bad. We had that earlier today, with snow mixed in. Its almost April, and there is snow on the ground.
Gotta watch those flying cows, Bali. They are hell on gas tanks

Ok, what was that movie with Helen Hunt about tornadoes? It had a flying cow in it.

The one with the nice Dodge truck? 'Twister.'

You have snow. *stops kvetching about a little wind*

I always drink a glass of OJ before bed, it helps the liver do it's job. (A nutritionist pal told me.)Reckon the vodka in it's a wash?

Annie, way up there^, that Cav pic is great! Mine looks like the tricolor, and that's just how they look tearassing thru the house.

That's it! Thanks Annie. Now when Bali talks about flying cows I can get a proper mental image.
And yes Bali, the vodka in the OJ is to help 'guide' the Vitamin C to the liver.
Ok, I won't fuss about the wind any more. Heck, I am grateful to be going where its warm. All I have to do now is figure out how to smuggle a bottle of booze into the wedding and it will all be good.

I really don't think my new step mommy to be understands the medicinal qualities of alcohol.

Vodka hides nicely in a Dasani bottle. I hear.

Oh it does huh? Have you tried that? I forgot, you live in the part of the world where dancin and drinkin is not a contact sport.

bali - you have a Cavalier? My bff does too and she's a beauty. SUCH a spoiled little dog!!

Pleading the 5th...or is that pouring? Whatev, sometimes a gal needs a li'l snort to deal with the (ex)in-laws. Thank God that's over.

Yes, Diva, my Cavi's named Malcolm, and he's quite brilliant.

jug, you're going to an alcohol free wedding? Are you staying in a hotel? If so, I'd have a couple of drinks in the room first. :)

I'll let you know how that works. Thanks for the tip.

LOL, bali - on the fifth.

My friend's is Fiona. She's a very smart little dog. She figured out on her own how to sneak money from BFF's dad's room and bring it to BFF.

I am going to my father's wedding Eleanor. The Future Step Mom does not drink, and in fact got my father to swear off alcohol. I am staying with my sister, so I reckon we will have a couple of courage builders before the wedding, even though that means drinking at 10 am.
He's 79; its an early wedding. I suspect he is afraid of sleeping through his wedding night

Bali, you still coming down?

She got him to swear off booze? Wow. THAT's love.

Well, kids, time to call it a night. I'll bring the coffee cake in the morning, but somebody better remember to plug in the coffee. PLease. If I miss you in the AM, have a safe flight, Jug!


Heck Diva, she even got him to start going to church. My siblings suspect she spikes his food.

G'night Bali. Don't forget the OJ

I'm outta here too. I have to go pack. Good night all

Night, jug! Have a safe trip! Have fun with bali!

Well, it's getting late out East and we have driving to do. Catch you next darkness.

Have fun, jug, and remember, a guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do!

*zips out*

Drive safely, CJ. :)


wassamattah, judi? Sorry I missed everyone, but my Legoland post is finally up. I'm getting a RL beer and I'll be back in a minute.

Great read as always Annie. As for the thread topic, the burgled woman should try out for a role on CSI: Miami. She couldn't be any worse than Caruso.

Nice segue, Doc. I'm not a fan of Caruso, either. My old house was once broken into. I came home to chaos, went to use the phone to call the cops and gasped. There was a stank of body odor on my phone. The creep had used it!

EWWWW!!!! Not pleasant at all I can imagine. I've been fortunate in that I've only had one attempted theft of my stuff. Back in Waco, somebody got in through the sliding rear window on my truck. All I had inside was some CD's, but nothing was missing. Guess he didn't like Phil Collins Greatest Hits or Clint Black.

Isn't that kinda insulting, that someone breaks in and your stuff isn't worth taking? I mean, he made that effort to break in and you let him down.

Yeah, but my sucky taste in music might have discouraged him from trying to rip my CD player out of the dash. He might have seen my taste in music and figured it might pollute him some how.

I like Clint Black. Collins is ok. I had my Blaupunkt system ripped out of my dashboard in college. I had to wake the security guards to tell them. Yes, I filed a complaint on them.

It probably didn't accomplish much but you still should have filed the complaint. Just imagine if a rapist or mugger had been hiding there waiting on one of you. We had 3 car break-ins at FOX on the overnight shift because our security guards were too busy yaking with people in the Master Control suites. Not that they could've done anything since they were unarmed.

But I sure got the stink eye from the college cops when I walked into their station to file it.

Yeah, college cops are more or less rent-a-cops with badges. Generally a lazy bunch who'd rather eat jerky and stare at the co-eds jogging than do any real patrolling. Just in case, if any of you in blog land are college cops or work security, I'm sure you do your job excellently. ;)

Yes, and I'm sure any cop bloggers would never ever have p0rn mags in their back seats like these goobers did.

Of course not. Or a flask of something that might not be considered suitable for work. Like this guy for example. *zip to the 1:19 mark in the video*

snork - 'night, Rick.

Goodnight Annie. *flips blog bar lights down to dim, sets coffee maker to extra strong mode, and orders the donuts from the Sugar Shack which he hopes is not a strip club instead* To any late night drinkers still lurking, the keys to the liquor cabinet are under whatever it is that the blogettes are going to be waving at Hammie later today. ;)

Niters peeps. Catch ya on the flip side.

This is the best thing I have ever seen! http://www.spymac.com/details/?2353878

This is the best thing I have ever seen! http://www.spymac.com/details/?2353878

Great. Spam for breakfast.


TGIAV, Punkin. Never have to worry about the Spam for breakfast problem. although i'm not thrilled about oatmeal either.

"...orders the donuts from the Sugar Shack which he hopes is not a strip club instead* ..."

Posted by: Doc Rick | 02:24 AM on March 28, 2008

Rick, I was going to post that it isn't around anymore, but used to be a Wisconsin place for "ladies only" back in the day. Well, lo and behold, a quick Google tells me the Sugar Shack is alive and well, and has widened its horizons, so to speak, with something now for both genders. It's 6:45 in the morning here in Chicago, so I'll leave the rest of the clicking to you.

[Signed: Cat, who would never have patronized such an establishment back in the 80's on a Girl's Night Out and really has no idea what you're talking about; those photos are not of me, and I have never liked rum and Coke, so there.]

If I've done nothing else today I've inspired a blogette to research and discover that an old haunt of hers is alive and well. God bless the interwebs! ;)

Good morning!!

Green eggs and Spam™, anyone???

*grabs coffee and heads out to shower*

Hi there guys, hey, hey it's Friday.

But you have to be careful about that Rick. I mean, really, that could lead to all kinds of dangerous places. Today, its just an old haunt, but the next thing you know the BeeGees will be blasting, and leggings will be back in style. I ask you, do we really need to live through that again?

Doc & Kat, I can tell you in all honesty that I go by the Sugar Shack every time I drive from my mother's house to my sister's.

And no, my mother and sister are not Siouxie and D-Diva.

Morning guys. No Jug, we really don't need to but if Cher can keep having comeback tours then anything is possible.

I'd welcome a BeeGees revival if I could substract the years from my age.

Leggings and the BeeGees again??? *shudders and looks around for a little hair of the dog to 'sweeten' the coffee*

padraig, wasn't it out of business for awhile? Or did it just move? My girlfriends and I used to drive up to Lake Geneva for other, more ladylike reasons -- like skiing and snowmobiling at Interlaken Resort on Lake Como -- and I thought the place was gone for awhile. We only went to Sugar Shack once twice.

All right, blogits. Stop snorking coffee all over your keyboards. Yes, I used to ski. I even parasailed once. I did have a life, once. ;P

Morning, all! Mot, I don't think it works that way.

Buenos Dias!

Pad, good thing you cleared that up. I didn't think I had a son OR brother.

jug?? don't you have a plane to catch???

One can dream Tex. Actually, if I turn my age upside down I'm back to being young and virile.

Mot, I do not want to go backwards no matter how old I get. Somewhere along the line I'd get the first wife back and I'd really rather get old. Plus, I can buy beer now to make the Bee Gees tolerable unlike the first time around.

But Doc, if you could go back with today's knowledge you'd not make the same mistakes. Youth is wasted on the young.

What is wrong with a BeeGees comeback??? hmm?? Course I couldn't possibly fit into my 80's leggings now. But I still love 80's music.

Cat, same here. I've skied skiyed skiied what you said. And I also used to dive. That was all before motherhood when I did have a life. ;-)

But youth is supposed to be fun Mot. I look back on it fondly every day and do wish to go back there at times. The problem is if you do and correct all of the mistakes you eliminate the good memories you have of the in betweens of the good and bad times. If I don't marry the first wife I don't move to Waco, get a job in a field I always wanted to be in and meet some friends who have help shape my life. Screwed up as my life is, I want to stay in the here and now and wait it out until the pendulum swings in the other direction. Thus ends the CJesque rant.

No, Souxie, I don't fly out till late afternoon. I just hope the theme song for the flight isn't "Staying Alive'

ohhh..don't forget to take the booze in a clear plastic container. Sounds like you're gonna need it.

Sooz those falsetto voices and Barry's cheesy hairstyle used to set my teeth on edge.

I have already planned that out, Siouxie. Dasani bottle, with Vodka in its place. It should be an interesting weekend.

Jug, you could put the booze in an empty bottle of Smart Water. That way when someone says "Think you're smart, donchya?", you can hold up the bottle and say "Well...yeah."

Can't wait to see that. Send me the addy in case I can get down there, k?

LOL Mot, I had the biggest crush on Barry! Now he looks like caca, but back then...I'd drooooooooool.

Smart guy, jug! (like bali said)

If we're talking hot 80's singers, I'll have a scoop of Rick Springfield, please. Yum. (He still looks good, too.)

Smart water? Good plan Bali. Photos will be taken, but no Siouxie, I didn't pack the red pola dot thong.

dang, jug. You did promise to show me!!

bali, I LOVED Rick Springfield too. YUMMMO!

Rick Springfield? I have one of his albums (vinyl-yes I am old school). The one with the dog on the cover. It rarely gets played. Dylan, The Moody Blues, the Beatles, Traffic or a host of others usually win out over RS.

jug, the Beatles (and I have most of their albums (vinyl), ALWAYS win over any other artist - imho.)

*zips in*™

Good morning, all.

When I was still married we were burglarized. I was in the bedroom when the Dep. Sheriff came, wondering why the burglar ransacked my underwear drawer (?) and I heard him ask my ex what we did for a living, and when he told him I was a CDA, the cop burst out laughing!! Not very nice.

Back to the Shack with Cat... (sounds like a fun afternoon, btw)...

I believe the Sugar Shack did close for a while, which left my older sister with some time on her hands, but it keeps springin' back to life, as it were.

The original owner, Dana Montana, is said to spend most of her time these days tending to her herd of fine Arabian stallions. So, not much of a career change.

LOL, pad!

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