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March 25, 2008


Try Dubai!

(Thanks to RussellMc and Siouxie)


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But that is extra protien- shoulda charged more.

Whoops- "protein"

Wait- whatever happened to "i before e"?

At least they didn't charge extra for the additional protein.

In Dubai, I would have thought that the bug WAS the food.

Great minds, Texgal!

Is it a protein blog theme, or do I just need breakfast?

This is why I always ask for well-done.

Good morning!! Anyone for breakfast???

I'll pass on the 'Dubai Special'.

How do we know that wasn't just that crazy woman with the jar full of maggots again ??

I'll bet some of the Florida seniors would go for that offer.

NO one has commented on the 25% part? As for me, I'd be up and walking and freeze 'em in their tracks if they expected ANY money from me!

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