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March 24, 2008


First sex was 570 million years ago

(Thanks to sjhaller)


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The creatures, which stood erect on the sea-bed...

I've always found that standing erect makes reproduction much easier.

When you mention Cher I think of the 'R' words. Resisatate...revival...stiff(not an R word, but serves it's purpose). About time for another Farewell concert. Not.

Me love you long time (ago).

12 inches. That. is. all.

This story doesn't really lend itself to centerfold type imagery. I think some of the blogals are going to be disappointed.

"Expert Rachel Wood"...... ahem....

Dear Dave,

I noticed that this article was written by one Emma Morton. Didn't you pen an essay some years ago making mention of British men getting their "Morton's" caught in Hoover Dustettes? Maybe this has been going on for a LOT longer (12 inches) than anyone ever imagined.

That is all, carry on.

Speaking of prehistoric times, I see that the Discovery Channel has scheduled its great documentary "Walking with Dinosaurs" for tonight, from 8 to 11 PM. If your kids are into dinosaurs (and whose aren't?) they will love this, I think it's the best dino CGI since "Jurassic Park". There's also a book, which you can get from Discovery along with the DVD. And keep an ear out for the very fine soundtrack by Ben Bartlett...

At last, anew pick-up line. "Hey Babe, care to make like funisia dorothea?"

*smacks Mot*

How dare you bring Dorothy into this!

And I thought 40 years was long enough. Is that the sequel - The 570 Million Year Old Virgin?

12 inches, including batteries???

they have sent experts into a state of high excitement (HAR)

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