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February 23, 2008


We report; you decide.

Key Quote: Unsurprisingly, fashonistas are jostling to buy a pair.


(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Why does the term 'round heels' come to mind?

All of the above.

"When you walk, it is almost on tiptoe. You look really dainty."

They misspelled daffy. Or maybe they meant dorky.

Uhhhhmmm... NO! (I can just see these becoming really popular in snowy winters.)

^Snowy Winters WBAGNFAweatherperson





Where can you buy them?


*hopes she doesn't get fired for posting this last night*

*realizes she doesn't work for the Blog*


*wonders, yet again, how a drunken woman would walk with these*

*goes off to buy some more *'s before she runs out*

So, would hip women refer to these as "Come take me to the emergency room shoes"?

Nah. The old term still applies.

Can I wear these with jeans and a teddy?

Hope she has her podiatrist on speed dial

Plus they just look weird...nevermind the walking on tippie toes...

Siouxie, why would you be afraid of getting fired? It's not like you put up a cartoon about shoes made by drunken lemurs ... ??

And besides, ballerinas have been dancing *en point* for ages. Not that any of these "models" would know a swan from a goose...

It would be kinda cool to kick some butt with these babies.

The world continually invents new ways to measure Brainless.

Steve, these shoes were probably MADE by drunken lemurs.

I'm betting they're good for torturing ;-P

*tip-toes through the two-lips*

Sioux, are you starting a new type of colonoscopy? @$$hole minds need to know.

*smiles innocently*

Nope, whatever gave you that idea, Texgal???

You do hafta admit these are way cool kick@ss shoes. Not that I'd be able to wear 'em. My Cuban @ss is too big and I'd be falling back on it constantly.

I just don't feel the need to ever look that cool.

Place "X" in correct answer.

□ 42

Iggy, if you see a woman wearing those shoes, all of the above is the correct answer.

Agreed, Med.

Iggy, I've put them away. Really. You can now come out and play.

To answer Dave's (and Ig's) question...

(Since the sound on that is not the best, here's the real (great!) song. RIP Kirsty.)

Meanie my man, we now undeniable proof that while women can't dance.

Tex, what would you expect from the French Mead0wettes at the French Meadow Macrobi0tic Camp?

Meanie, that was awesome (the song - the dance..not so much).

Time to put on the latex gloves. *SNAP!* Looks like another case of PP is popping up. Pops up WHITE to replace WHILE.

Wow, Meanie, that was great!

Well it's one for the money, two for the show
Three to get steady, let go, let go

But don't you, step on my no-heel shoes
I can’t do anything but fall off of my no-heel shoes

I trip; I go down, land on my face
Legs are flyin’ all over the place
Who’s the designer, I’m going to sue
So watch it, honey, stay off of my shoes

Now don't you, step on my no-heel shoes
I can’t do anything but fall off of my no-heel shoes

YAY Ducky!!! I knew one of your brilliant lyricists would take on the challenge.

*SHOESYSNORK* @ the Duckness!

YAY Ducky!!! I knew one of your brilliant lyricists would take on the challenge.

*SHOESYSNORK* @ the Duckness!

YAY Ducky!!! I knew one of your brilliant lyricists would take on the challenge.

*SHOESYSNORK* @ the Duckness!

Thanks, Shoesy Siouxie! Say, maybe you should change the spelling of your name? ;-)

Have to flap off for awhile! See y'all later!



*kicks bot with tip-toe shoes*

When I hear that Kirsty MacColl song I think of Kinky Boots. I loved that movie.

"They are not dangerous because you would have to lean quite far back before you fell over."

Um, I would think that falling face-forward would be the main problem here...

Oh, good Lord. Those look even crazier in daylight.

With no spike heel to slice and dice, I'd have to modify my roundhouse kick. Hmmm...maybe a retractable blade in the platform sole....

Well, happy Saturday, folks. Off with the daughters to spend money on clothes and shoes (ha!) before the severance pay runs out.

Carry on!

*slinks out*

(not "totters out" or "tumbles out", which would be the case in those shoes)

A perfect name for them would be teeter totter.

No, I don't notice any bluish tinge to those feet.

Ducky rules!!!!!

And the bot is having a bad shoe day. Time for it to reboot and punt.

I feel bad for the feet in those shoes.

Can you wear these shoes while riding your Segway?

lol at kow's 9:59am misspelling and ducky's song.

Annie, re your "Hmmm...maybe a retractable blade in the platform sole...:"

Have I told
You lately
You have issues...

What's really insane is...I'm gonna have a man buy them for me.

These makes the term "hoofing it" more literal.

If they skip shaving, she might be mistaken for a faun.

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do they come in pink?

I told you annie has issues. And why she keeps posting as "P McDonald" I'll never understand.

*kicks 'a' up to SW*

Crossgirl - for you, I'll do the research.

Wouldn't it be fun to stand outside a shoe store at the mall, wear a sultry outfit, and ask guys to buy you shoes?

please define sultry. just wonderin'.

Photo examples preferable.

Only if you wanted red pumps

"..ask guys to buy you shoes?"

Keds quo pro.

Jazzz, you cannot mean what I think you mean.

Why, of course not, SW!! (if I think you mean what you think I mean what I meant)

Funny, I've just designed a pair of women's shoes with heels but no soles.

I've known a few women with no souls.

*snork* Wyo
The above *snork* at Mr.Wyo in no way reflects the opinion or possible association of me, the aft mentioned "Jazzzz", with anyone with the opinion that might in some way offend the women on this or any other blog in the past or future
*snork* again

This would be for them, maybe?

"I've known a few women with no souls."

They sold their souls for shoes.

Mike A - I've seen balers with less moving parts.
Har-de-har @ Wyo.
Jazzzz - my goodness, you're sassy today. SW will explain what I mean. In pictures.

*snork* Wyo

(with no disclaimers)

AW lives close enough to me that I get the thrill of living dangerously but far enough away that I know the cost of gas keeps me safe.

I'm on OB call, Annie.....not resposible for my actions

Annie's a Marine? Ok, I'll buy that. But do her combat boots have heels or are they tippy toes? And will the man buying the shoes be Uncle Sam? Degenerate minds need to know. Oh, and was "sultry" the intended word?

Hugs and kisses @ Annie. Now go kick some @ss.

At least we're not out there selling our souls.
May I point out this guy just happens to be a lawyer, a sheer coincidence. In no way does this imply that attorneys don't need souls. In other words, please don't kill me, El.

Put Edwina back in bowl!

"Oh, and was "sultry" the intended word?"

Tx, you're good with those misspellings.

Jazzzz - responsible or reposable?
Wyo - decaf. Now. SW - I can always carpool.

Carpool? I would think you wouldn't want any witnesses, aw.

Gotta run, friends. It's been fun. Have a great day! (Googles address for Swedish Embassy, Heraldry division).

SW - the trunk is pretty big.

Get a more flattering mirror, aw.

My experience with the shoe closet of mrs Hoople, which is approaching Imelda Marcos proportions, is that the price of the sandal is inversely proportional to the amount of leather that they're made from.

Mot, that's also been my experience with underwear.

Speaking of things for sale, check this one:

Internet sex auction sparks paternity row - Yahoo! News http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20080213/od_nm/germany_sex_dc

(I'm still trying to figure out P Macdonald's post -- WTF??)

Well, that cancels my return trip to Germany

funny, I was just about to bring Imelda into this thread. GMTA

Wouldn't it be fun to stand outside a shoe store at the mall, wear a sultry outfit, and ask guys to buy you shoes?

Posted by: Annie Where-but-here | 02:55 PM on February 23, 2008

uh... yeah, annie, it IS fun. how do you think i have closet full of cute shoes on single mom salary?

If we just placed mouse traps alround the floor, the womenfolk could still walk around like that and it would be cheaper. Also amusing.

I have a serious problem with paying as much for these impractical shoes as for a reasonable used car.

Mot, maybe you should hang out with Annie and she can get somebody to buy a pair for you too

YES, cg & Annie.

I got THIS dainty pair whilst wearing THIS sultry outfit, whilst standing in front of THIS establishment.

Works every time...

I was waiting for CJ to inject a reasonable and inoffensive solution to this.....thanks buddy

Sioux, I'm pissed! You didn't take ME to that sushi bar. You holdin' out on me, GF? ;-)

I certainly hope you didn't get any wasabi on your shoes Siouxie

Oh! You so corny,
Mi luv you long time!

sioux, just what is it you say you do for a livin?

Med, never! We'll go next time. Shoe shopping at Fuk Mi's ;-)

jug, just a little jsoy sauce.


I'm in customer service, why??

Customer Service? Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

Mighty light soy sauce FYKWIM and ITYD. That cite might also sell biological spot remover.

*Uses special spot remover to change "cite" to "site"*


*cites Texgal for misdemeanor acronymy*

Oops!!! Mea culpa. I burped my beer through my nose while multitask posting. Any jail or community service time required to make amends?

*Quivers at the thought of jailhouse special sauce spillage*

That's OK Tex, we'll just deduct it from your shoe-budget.

that's what I thought, Sioux. Does your Boss's fedora have big feathers in it?

During here early years as a trainee bimbo, Britney often forgot to screw the heels onto her shoes. Thanks to her ample claavage, this usually went un-noticed.

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