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February 23, 2008


(Thanks to Bruinhilda)


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"n alert zoo volunteer secured the gate behind the animal." .. Then changed his shorts

"An alert...."

This kitty must have gone to Glamour Shots. He can strike a pose.

I think maybe I'll try the botanical garden next time.

And at the risk of incurring the wrath of anti-PETA fanatics, I will willingly confess that I do not have one scintilla of sympathy for the guy who kept taunting the tiger at the San Francisco Zoo until it fought back. I have sympathy for the tiger, who did not deserve to be taken down when a trank would have done just as well. The recent footage of the pregnant tigress in India who was safely captured and returned to the wildlife preserve shows how these situations can be successfully defused.

Gulp. Here kitty, kitty, kitty.

Big sandpaper tiger tongue *Snork* at Steve. I agree 100%.

You said it, Texgal.

"Ok, now put your left paw on top. ... No, your other left paw."

How'd you know I was paw challenged? Uuummm, make that paw differently abled.

"A zoo keeper coaxed Berani from the feeding area with a meatball into one of the bedrooms of the old enclosure, Quintal said."

Sadly, that's what it would take for most of us.

I agree with Steve. It seems to me that if the San Fran Zoo authorities had taken the distress call seriously, they might have been able to get someone out there with a tranquilizer gun to stun the tiger instead of killing it. It's especially sad that the kid who was killed was said to not have been teasing the tiger - he was trying to help his friend.

Then again, maybe the authorities didn't take the call seriously because the guys calling it probably were drunk, high, and in shock.

Good Hawaii big kitty.

And by the way, tigers are *never* tame!

Well, fans of the Detroit Tigers unfortunately would have to differ on that...

Tranqs can take 10 minutes to kick in and a lot of damage can be done in that time. We had a similar situation a couple years back where a loose tiger was roaming our neighborhood for weeks. Yes, in SoCal. They shot it dear near a school. They were afraid it would run into traffic and someone would be hurt.
The 'Lost Cat' posters were a bit unsettling.

'shot it deaD.' Sheesh.

Annie, quick, slip on the rubber gloves before touching the keys. I think you may have caught my PP (premature postulation) affliction. So sorry to have infected you. I don't think there's a cure, but maybe we can keep it from spreading.

I swear I am not making this up.

I volunteered at the Honolulu zoo, where my job was to work the chimps, tigers and sun bears. Not only did this tiger just get out, but in my time 5 chimps climbed out, went to the petting zoo and killed a pot belly pig, before being scared back into their yard. Oh, two cheetahs got out too, but jumped back in without incident... Not funny I know, but I'm just sayin'.

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