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February 23, 2008


The Electric Grandmother

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Tell Mavis to keep her hands off BOB.

Tell Mavis to keep her hands off BOB.

Oops, a case of double digit posting.

Texgal, put down BOB and type with both hands.... *snork*

But Eileen, I thought multitasking was a virtue.

BOB SNORK back @ yah!

LOL Tex & Eileen!


I just think she's a lazy byotch and uses this excuse to avoid housework.

Eh. It's been done ...

I seem to cause hair dryers to catch fire. I seriously have a phobia of hair dryers now. It never happens with anyone else. Or perhaps I should stop buying them at Walmart.

She should join the military and seek an honorable discharge.

She has an electric personality
She uses a charge card

Ummm.. Grandma?

You let the kids fill the car's gas tank, right?

Stick a light bulb in her mouth, put a lampshade on her head, problem solved!

Her doctor should tell her to lay off currants.

Say watt?????

I actually read about a group of prison inmates who all contracted some kind of food poisoning. After they got sick, they all developed some kind of static electric charge to them for a long time afterward. It's in a book I have from REaders Digest about unsolved mysteries. She could have a virus! Please keep your electrodes to yourself grandma!

She's not that bad looking. I wonder if she has a transistor.

She's definitely a joule

Sitting on my sofa sans-slipcovers generates so much static electricity that once when I touched my laptop after sitting and reading for a few minutes (slipcovers were in the wash) the static discharge shut off little Jonny (my computer's name is Jonagold, he's an ibook)

Resistance is useless!


Reminds me of Uncle Fester putting a light bulb in his mouth and it turned on. Watt an idea!

Another reason to go to Britain. Notice she blows up kettles, instead of coffee makers....

And I thought I had problems. Many people are concerned about personal body odor, hence the huge underarm industry. Normal mortals are concerned about grossing people out, but this poor woman worries about blowing them up!

AHH! She's a robot.

"The 60- year- old grandmother seems to have a freakishly high level of static electricity coursing through her body."

Umm...if it's static it can't be coursing, can it?

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