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February 23, 2008


...check out the name of the school.

(Thanks to Layzeeboy)


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*Maturely refuses to BWAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA!!!*

You have to admit, there couldn't be a more appropriate name.

However, the perpetrator might be released due to a lack of physical evidence.

He was lying in wait.... Just so he could clip this newspaper article and laugh his a@@ off!

*runs past this thread giggling*

Is Wood View's mascot a Swedish heraldic lion?

I take it the headline writer was never a 4th-grader. Whaddaya mean, "ruined"?!?

"The bus driver called 911 and updated police on the situation as both vehicles drove into downtown Joliet."
There's a 911 call no one wants to hear.

Ironic school name :)

You'd think a 46 year old would know better.

So, that wasn't part of the curriculum?

"She did a great job continually providing information so that our officers could stop the vehicle," Hayes said.
Yeah, well, I guess that's a great job for them - but who was really driving the bus - one of the fourth graders?

Today, I swear, I went to a school function with the kids at Bloomington Junior High School, and someone had helpfully put the initials of the school on a poster: B.J.H.S.


Who knew that there were magnet schools specializing in BJs? Could this be part of the "no child left behind" program?????

I cannot stop laughing at this story. This is just *snork* so *snork* WRONG!! *gigglegiggleguffaw*

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