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February 23, 2008


First it was fish. Now it's boxer shorts.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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But do you need support in zero G?

2 weeks without "cleaning the equipment"?....... I don't think so.

No shower or bath for two weeks?!

Fellow astronauts: "Houston, we have a problem..."

They're gonna need a bigger space lab window after two weeks of Capt. Smelly Pants.

Gives new meaning to "don't get your undies in a bunch." I just don't know what that new meaning is.

OK, I don't WANT to know.

Houston, the other astronauts are telling me I have to do two weeks of spacewalks. Tell them to let me back in. Over....

Ground control to Major Stinky - yer on yer own. Over...

Looks like he's going to do the dirty . . .

I worked on Soviet fishong boats, for awhile. Bad enough, butt they also had a little box of newsprint squares for the commodes. Now picture how fun it was that they only turned on the water for showers every tenth day. Yeah, that sucked!

Ah, those wacky Japanese. Apparently they're under the misapprehension that crud and bacteria only accumulate from the waist down?

And we wondered why Soviet communism failed.

CJ, did it become a case of all the news that's fit to sh!t?

Okay...The space station continues for NASA. NASA continues for the space station. Fish and underwear...Really?? Isn't this getting a bit out of hand? My panties are fine....how 'bout yours!

It's....Captain Underpants, in the flesh! Um. Or not. Ew. I think I just grossed myself out.

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