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February 21, 2008


He is still missing.

This has been your Update on Godzilla, the Missing Findlay, Ohio, Iguana.

(Thanks to Rob Johnson)


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Somebody is going to be awfully surprised to find an iguanasicle in their yard when the snow melts.


Was Godzilla sucked by a malfunctioning Flowbee? I'm calling the writers on "Without a Trace."

Did they check the local lounge?

TDPC, yum!

Geez...Chris, you didn't share.

Lol, meanie. Or the Tukmenistan TV station's green room?

from t.d.p.c's recipe..."Form a large rounded shape in a serving dish and create an indentation in the center....you will need this to vomit into later."

I don't need no stinking indentation.

The snow notwithstanding, how does one lose a 4ft lizard where there shouldn't be lizards of any description?

I don't know, Mot. But I knew a few guys who were pretty good at playing Hide the Lizard. 4 feet is a bit of a *stretch*, though. Just sayin'.

*snork* @ Cat! A *ahem* stretch, indeed!

Sweet Cat, what a fun game!

"Here, leezard, leezard, leezard."

After it got down to zero and below in Findlay last night, the chances of finding the iguana alive outside are slim to none. I figure its a iguanacicle by now.

When it ran out the door, I would imagine about 10 mins later it went UH-OH! I should have stayed inside.

Shoot! Pirate Chris beat me to my Iguana Stew comment.

belated snork @ Chris.

Maybe the "tenant" snaged him.

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