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February 25, 2008


It could be worse.

(Thanks to Steve Hooley)


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It *is* worse. Now Nader's stuck his nose in it again...


Apparenty they don't have the interweb over there yet to research child names.


Frankenstein is running? I was wondering what John Kerry is up to these days.

Steve - Mot the Hoople coined a new name for him yesterday: Ralph Nadir. I think it's appropriate.

um...judi? There's a problem over there --->

Hitler Marak's press spokesman, Vijay Goebbels Patel, issued a statement saying that for the next few days Mr. Marak would be welcoming visitors from Austria, Poland and France.

Slush fund Snorts @ Laz and Meanie.

--"Sir, are you Frankenstein Mamin?"

--"It's FRAHN-kenstein, madam. FRAHN-kenstein!"

...And does that article violate Godwin's Law with its frequent references to Hitler Marak?

Thanks, Wes. Now I can see Martin Short playing the role.

So you're not talking about this Hitler ?

That's *Hister* ... !

Steve - I think I find that the single most disturbing piece of information ever about that man demon incarnate.

"...the capital city of Shillong..."

"...Vijay Goebbels Patel..."

This stuff writes itself.

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