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February 26, 2008


German police dogs have to wear shoes.


(Thanks to many people)


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If they get angry, they should be shown these. I'm sure they will calm right down.

"Now we just have to teach the dogs how to tie their shoes," he joked.

Why isn't "German Makes Joke" the headline here?


I'm swearing off italics.


On. Off.?

Hey, at least they match the outfit, right, Siouxie?

Meanie, my thoughts exactly. They should be happy they don't have to wear those!

Esssactly, Scott!

Off to work...be back in a bit

Oooh, I simul while thinking of you! Good morning, Siouxie!

Double, Double!

Finally...a way for dogs to put their claws away. Cats can do it automatically. Dogs don't always realize that they can't.

S&R dogs at disaster sites wear those sort of paw protectors. At the World Trade Center, the rubble was so harsh that the dogs kept wearing them out. The preferred brand is "Muttluks." (www.muttluks.com)

Quite the fashion statement. So studdly!

No shirt, no shoes, no schnitzel.

Das Boot.

Airdale Jordans?

That dog looks like it's ready to kill whoever put those shoes on him.

My mom's dog wouldn't wear the boots I got her. Anybody need shoes for their dog? I've got them now and my cat is way too small for them... :-)

I'm happy to see that they're trying to keep the dogs from getting injured. Poor pups!

Hush Puppies.

Please don't make them wear black socks with the shoes.

I agree with Diva.

It is pretty funny to see dogs wearing shoes, but police dogs do a lot of work and take a lot of risks. No need to hurt their cute feeties!

(I grew up with a wonderful German Shepherd, so I tend to think of them as sweet adorable dogs. Many of them are.)

in Iraq and other war zones, all the lucky military puppies wear these, plus cool googles. none of 'em over there had quite that look on their face tho!

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