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February 22, 2008


I realize I'm late with this, but since pretty much all of you sent it in: Here.


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Praise the LORD and pass the mustard!!!

I really get bent out of shape when people do things like this.

*SNORK* @ Sioux! I prefer cheese.

Perhaps if we collected all of these "virgin" items and sent them to the Middle East as a peace offering, the wackos would be satisfied. No?

. . .or is it the butt tube?

I didn't send it in.

I DID send it in, and signed it 'from everyone.'

Share this divine snack with your friends. See for yourself here:

I was one of the many who sent in this twisted treasure!

Thanks for signing for me, Annie.

People need to stop looking for miracles and start taking personal responsibility for their lives. God don't make pretzels.

George, don't be silly. Do you have any idea how religious we bloggers are?

Looks like something my cat hacked up last night.

Praise Jeebus!

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