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February 21, 2008


Note the first item

UPDATE UPDATE URGENT UPDATE: The segment has been cancelled. We are sorry for any inconvenience.


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First to note the first item.

*plops self on couch*

will not move until TODAY.

Science Fair, hmmm.

*Casually notes that I pre-firsted this on the contest update thread*

thanks for checking out the site, meanie! i am always glad to know people are looking at it at OTHER times than when i blog something ;) i had this post already set to blog today so we wouldn't be too far ahead... i don't know about anyone else, but *i*d forget :)

I bet the book is a horror story. At least it is for the parents.

*will be watching Today...tomorrow*

Yes, Meanie, you did.

*hands judi a simul-celebratory beer*


Judi, I've heard you rant in desperation observe a number of times that folks from this blog rarely seem to go there, and seen you smacking inquiring of them when they ask how one finds out about Dave's appearances, so I thought I'd get a plug in.

There's another site?

Dave, this may be (almost) worthy of your reading :

The Americans With No Abilities Act (AWNAA)
WASHINGTON , DC - Congress is considering sweeping legislation which will provide new benefits for many Americans. The Americans With No Abilities Act (AWNAA) is being hailed as a major legislative goal by advocates of the millions of Americans who lack any real skills or ambition.

read more here: http://www.theonion.com/content/node/28982

Hey, Martin - you might want to put a citation on that. You know - like where you got it and who wrote it?

Here, here, Martin !!
FINALLY, I won't have to worry about the future of our children ! With AWNAA, I can get them off the couch and into an equally mindless pursuit, where being glassy-eyed, lazy robots works to their advantage. Maybe the DMV can even teach them to change the toilet paper rolls.

Came from the onion in 1998

if that's plagiarized, lemme know and i'll delete it.

Oops,.. Link

It's been circulating on the net for a long time in various versions, according to Sn0pes. But Gadfly is right, the Onion had the original.

*Shoots tranquilizer dart at Siouxie in a feeble effort to minimize the tragic effects of blog rage*

Thanks, Gad, judi and Meanie! :) Working in a library, I suffer with permanent paranoia about have a great interest in copyright and intellectual property rights.

*falls to floor*

I guess this is off topic but about that "Science Fair" book. In the stupid school system I grew up in, it was mandatory that someone build one of those paper-mache volcanoes that erupt with baking soda and vinegar or mentos and diet coke-- or what ever. How is this science? Mix-ology maybe. Why am I scared to live close to a giant paper-mache mountain?

Have to remember to set the DVR when I go home.....

*still pissed about not even placing in the caption contest*

Um... in exactly which of the ground floor studios will the interview be conducted tomorrow?

well, since we're posting lengthy copies of other peoples work....now i can't get trout fishing in america's "science fair" out of my head.

Written by Grimwood/Idlet

Harry brought a hurricane, trapped in a terrarium.
Ruth made a working model of a nuclear reactor.
There was a cure for the common cold.
Someone cloned his little brother and if the truth be told.
It was the finest, fanciest Science Fair anybody’s ever seen.
It was the finest, fanciest Science Fair anybody’s dreamed of.

Bobby built a baseball with an automatic pilot.
Terri took a tonic, grew herself a beard.
Jill found a way to turn garbage into chocolate.
Tommy came to class in a homemade rocket.
It was the finest, fanciest Science Fair anybody’s ever seen.
[ Lyrics found at www.mp3lyrics.org/Rbmh ]
It was the finest, fanciest Science Fair anybody’s dreamed of.

We thought Elizabeth was absent, she made herself invisible.
Bubba tied helium balloons to a lawn chair,
Someone called the principal.
There was an old red hen that played tic-tac-toe,
A robot could beat you at dominoes.
It was the finest, fanciest Science Fair anybody’s ever seen.
It was the finest, fanciest Science Fair anybody’s dreamed of.

Well, my project was called HOW THINGS BURN. They put it in
the back in a dark corner of the room. On a poster, I taped some
stuff I found around the house, and then next to it, what it looked
like when it was all burned up, with a brief, descriptive paragraph
of how bad it smelled while it was burning up. Cat hair smelled
the worst!

It was the finest, fanciest Science Fair anybody’s ever seen.
It was the finest, fanciest Science Fair anybody’s dreamed of.

** falls to floor with siouxie **

hey, you sure do get a different perspective from down here :)

*hands judi another beer and takes camera out*


sure, do!

Heavin' - we are guilty of building said volcano. You'll be happy to know it erupted fabulously, permanently staining the classroom carpet and leading school administration to consider that perhaps this wasn't a good idea.

another co-authored book? excellent! but i take it this will be one i can't share with the kids?

Well, now here I am up at 7 AM to see Dave live on TV and they went and canceled it?? Who wants to get up at 7 AM to see Hillary Clinton? I don't think even Bill wants to get up at 7 AM and see Hillary...! What am I gonna do nowzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Oh man...

I guess I'll have to go to work now.

we also built large stupid looking solar systems. they had 9 planets back then.

Now just a minute -- did Dave actually tape that Today show segment last weekend, when he was in Stamford??? It must be floating around the NBC archives somewhere. Too bad it wasn't on ABC; my cousin is a reporter and could have put it on youtube or something.

DeskDiva, I have rightly quoted the source.
What's wrong with you guys, are you the self-proclaimed quotation police ? Are there any royalties owing ?

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