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February 25, 2008


He's everywhere.

(Product page)

(Thanks to Jaime and DavCat and Jim Gilboy)


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And people complained about Teletubbies?

I especially like the "bite-resistant shield" -- very useful in a rectal thermometer!

(Yes, I know it can be used orally. However, would you use it in more than one orifice?)

klez - excellent observation! And NO.

Is it recommended by Dave's doctor?

Key Quote: "Yes, it’s musical. And yes, it’s clearly marked for rectal use."

Well, this obviously could describe so many things!

Diva, you mean like this ?

There's a M1ckey M0use vibe?

Doctor goes to a patient's bed, wants to take his temperature, pulls a thermometer out of his pocket, says "No, that's a rectal type", goes through his pockets, pulls out another, says "Darn, that's a rectal type also". Thinks a minute and says "Some ass****'s got my oral thermometer!"

Steve, that's it, exactly!

Annie - aren't you the one who has the Hello Kitty BoB?

I hear music! Play it again, baby!!! oooooooooooooooo . . .

the difference between a rectal thermometer and an oral thermometer?

the taste

If I were a kid and my parents used that on me, I'd be playing music right back at it, IYCMD (AIHYD*).

*And I Hope You Don't

I don't see the problem.

That's a perfectly appropriate place for Sponge Bob.

This makes me wonder what he is ready for

Recov - you know too much about Spongebob! Oh, wait. I guess since I know that, I do, too.

So if you were a kid with a fever and a parent tried to explain what had to be done with the SpongeBob thermometer, would you ever watch the TV show again?

I'd feel a little betrayed.

Cheesewiz, this might be a perfect way to get kids to never watch Spongebob.

Oh, my. A couple of years ago, I actually bought one of these. Well, not the rectal version. The regular, oral, oval non-musical Spongebob one on the top of the products page.

Nothing's too good for my kids.

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