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February 22, 2008


To the Blog

Trying a new thing thanks to the fabulous Albert Franquiz (as long as it works)


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Do not open with box cutter (har!).

The video didn't come through for me! What was it?

Popping the top already? Must be happy hour somewhere.

It was package (har!), about the size of a basketball, prominently labeled "Pen!sReductionPills.c0m"

No vid for me either. Who's seksy voice is that?

There is nothing I can say here that won't get me kicked off the blog.

yes, we are known for kicking people off the blog.

And it's in Dave's inbox (har!, again).

The dulcet tones belong, I believe, to one stealth blogerette.

Thanks Meanie! I had no idea Dave was suffering from that.

It crashes my browser (firefox) when I click on it.

Um...remember the guy who had this site posted on this blog asking how to get some of his product to Dave? I kinda replied to him.

Stevie, that sexy voice belongs to the lovely s.b.

♪ Oooh, Annie's gonna be in trouble. ;-) ♫

Speaking of people getting kicked off the blog. Nice knowing ya Annie. ;)

If you check out the comments after the Feb 16 post "Attention Manly Men of the Masculine Kind" your questions will be answered.

Yeah, I know, no one likes a snitch...

lucky mrs. blog.

Snitch. :p

It's been swell knowing you, Annie.

Sigh. No sense of humor. Sheesh.

stattenf - send it attn: judi smith % The Herald. She'll make sure he gets it. Thanks for the coupon. Maybe you would consider selling a similar product- the Cranio-penis-reduction pill - for dickheads. I know the perfect recipient!

Posted by: Annie Where-but-here | 05:12 PM on February 17, 2008

I'm a sucker for a coupon. Thanks for reposting that, Siouxie. Amiga mia.

No video seen. Not much in the way of audio either.

I'd get a large batch of cookies on its way to Miami, pronto, Annie.

Meanie, your assuming she can bake. *ducks*

Don't you fear, just cuz you're toast, my dear.

Anytime, amiga!

Rick, she can SO bake and I have SO tasted her deeeelish decadent cookies!

YAY! it worked, judi. (thanks fabulous Albert!)

I didn't think it would be in such a large box...what a scream!!!

so is the fabulous albert the one who sent the care package? or the one who fixed the video so we can see?

Judi - you mean there hasn't been anyone kicked off the blog yet.

BUTT, if there was ever a topic that could produce the most offensive comment, Dave's ginormous penis would be it.

*gets distracted by something shiney and wisely follows it*

Yay, Albert!
Hey, marketing is marketing. For the product. Not Dave's tackle mahoozit.

Meanie, don't you have some snow to shovel?

Maybe it's really for Walter.

LMAO, Chris!

I think this is a perfect item for the Christmas Gift Guide.

Or Chanukah....or Kwanzaa...or Boss's Day....or Arbor Day.

The video worked for me too. I hope Dave has that checked out too.

How long does it take to work? I know a few applications that work immediately.

Siouxie showed me.

Just ask my first wife Annie. She founded the company.

Annie, you are correct. The "whack-a-weenie" technique works best. No need to take those pesky pills.

Doc - I did. She says, "Hi!"

video din work

BRILLIANT!! *applauds Annie*

BTW, cg - I'm thinking Mrs. Blog is gonna laugh heartily when she sees this, thus making the pills redundant.

the pointing and laughing technique works quite well too.

Not bad Annie, but this is a picture of one of her "moments" right before we separated. Got out just in time.

Whoa, Doc - Scare Club for Men.

Rick, was that the time when you forgot to put the seat down??

Like the subject, the video was short-lived. Talk about anti-climactic!

No Siouxie, that was the time I mistakenly hung my key ring on her key ring hook by the front door. The good thing is she possesses a Florida drivers license these days. She's your, Dave, and judi's problem now. Good luck!

"Trying a new thing thanks to the fabulous Albert Franquiz (as long as it works)" - the s.b.

There are so many double entendres in that sentence, I don't know where to begin.

Lovely. Another crazy I have to stay away from.

Doc, when were you married to my former sister-in-law? BTW, that a very flattering pic of her.

Tosses an 's ^ to complete "that."

Dang it all. Another severe flare up of chronic premature postulation.

She probably scared the 's' out of you.

Tex, could have been. If she was from Waco and rode a broom that'd be her. *with apologies to all good witches everywhere*

Sooooooooo she was the wacko from Waco, eh??

You'd *better* apologize, Doc...

Good witches do not ride brooms.

But we're never ever making that mistake again, right, Doc?
*pinky shake*

Omg....tff!!! :)

Yep! Met her a month before the Davidian thing cranked up Siouxie. Should have been a sign.

Lord I hope not Annie.

My wife-to-be, contrary to bridal tradition, asked that I come see the custom wedding dress that she was trying on for the first time. It was a very sparkly number. When she came out from the dressing room, she looked very Glindaesque, and I asked if she was a good witch or a bad witch.

My wife loved the line, but I believe the shop no longer permits males on the premises.

Rick - I think you're in good hands with the current Mrs. She puts up with yer shenanigans and still keeps ya. That's love. ;-)

Nah, Doc, but Beaumont's just as bad as wacko. I escaped from that colonoscopy target rich area just as soon as I could!

(Theme song to Deliverance starts to play.)

Snork @ Tex! The so called "Golden Triangle" is really high class ain't it?

Thank ya, Doc.

*Wipes off snork with sleeve, thus proving that exposure to the Golden Triangle is never completely eradicated, but fortunately is currently in remission.*

Yup, it is. A gang high colonic would create three ghost towns and clear out a bunch of anal piglets. The crown jewel of the piglets would have to be Vidor.

Well, Vidor will certainly never be confused with San Francisco Tex. Or for that matter, any other sane part of North America.

Tex, dear - you really need to call Hallmark for a job. Your delicate femininity is required for creating greeting card poetry. ;-)

OT--has anyone seen that plane about to crash land in Miami? Everyone say a little prayer for their safe landing.

I'm watching it too Wench and praying the pilots do their normal job of staying cool and getting her down in one piece.



Ok..I'm watching. YIKES.

*sending prayers and good thoughts up there*

It's also on CNN cable and FOX too.

Here we go...*prays*

Woo Hoooooo!!!!

Down safe. Sweet landing!

Touchdown! Thank God!

Thats why those guys and gals get paid the big bucks. Good job by the pilots.

Pilots will not need colostomies this year. They're clean.

Colonoscopies for everyone!

THANK GAWD!! nice landing too.

Aw, man, I can't take stuff like that! I've been watching it for half and hour and couldn't bring myself to watch the moment they landed. Thank god it was uneventful!

Whoa, Blue...mental-colonic simul.

I guarantee it was free drinks for everyone on that flight. (I was in a similar situation years ago - flight attendants were saying, 'no, you NEED to have another drink.'

*SMACKS* Meanie with the colonoscopy tube!!

Hallelujah. And amen.

If your watching CNN right now I've seen the female anchor in her skivvies. She started in Waco at a station I worked at and she was a lousy drinker. She was dared to jump into an apartment swimming pool in January and actually did it. WKRP didn't have anything on our newsroom back in the day.

*opens the blog bar*

Virgin Mary pretzels and beer on the house!!!

*does happy pretzel and beer dance, bellies up to the bar*

Rick - I'm sure she'd be thrilled to know you're broadcasting that information. Apparently what happens in Houston...oh, never mind. ;-)

Here's your pretzel, Doc!

Oh, this is SO not spam, Mr. Bot!

One of these with my VM pretzel, please, Siouxie.

Hold the c-tube.

That doesn't much look like the Virgin Mary there, Meanie. Just sayin'.

Did you get a look at the return address? Maybe Dave sent it to himself. Sort of the ultimate ego inflater.

VM's the pretzel, the St. is the beverage.

Airline pilots are extremely overpaid UNTIL something goes wrong.

Ok, here's the important question for Doc: Thong or crotchless?

Thank you DD. That would be an excellent professional use of a theological studies MA. The seminary would be so proud of its cum laude (for real) grad.

Am very happy that the landing was happy.

I never think they're overpaid, pogo. My cuz is a pilot for ATA and he's bloody good at it.

Speaking of which, I never asked him about ferrying Hillary around a few weeks ago. The family has had other things to think about since then, but maybe enough junk has died down to ask him about it. :-D

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